Hey Good Looking.

Take a few moments to really think about why anyone would stay on your website for any length of time.

You know the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” right? Well it is exactly the same online as it is in the flesh offline in the real world, so hey good looking what you got cooking for us today.

You may not want to admit it, you don’t even have to like it, but whether you like it or not your site is in a beauty contest, every second of every day!

Every time a visitor arrives on your site they are immediately judging your site on how it looks, colour schemes, layout, the type of fonts you use, how easy it is to navigate around. From a business point of view, how professional it looks, what are the graphics like, visitors will judge your site in seconds on what they see!

Guess what, if they don’t like it they’re gone as quickly as they arrived, and all your hard work getting people to visit your site in the first place has been wasted.

In the old days you could get away with being able to use a basic WordPress theme and an image or two, not anymore though. It is essential to look good and inviting.

Even the mighty Google and other top search engines, are looking for you to have engaging WP graphics on your site.

But getting good quality graphics made for your site can be a pain, and quite costly for both your time and money

(if you outsource them).

Having a collection of thousands of ready to use, professional ‘web ready’ Graphics that you can

dip in to and find what you need in minutes is the only solution to keep your sanity, and your

visitors on your site. Well right now you can have just that.

Do You Really Want To Sell Your Product?

Sure the headline, “Do you really want to sell your product?” is a bit of a dumb question, but it amazes me how many people get this very important thing completely wrong.

Your product must offer true innovation; it must be something that people will actually want.

What is its value? The first step is really evaluating if the product occupies a distinct niche.

No matter how innovative and productive the item is, it needs to grab the audiences attention in order to be sold. Companies need to be focused on interest and recognition.

When the consumer is at the shelves or at their computer deciding what to buy, the product needs to be able to market itself. All labeling and packaging must create a kind of  mission statement  which will have the consumer clear on what the product does.

People will not want to take too long to read about your product, therefore you should create and convey a message that is short, concise and to the point.

These days especially with people tightening their belts in a recession, it is of the utmost importance for the product to serve a real consumer call for the product. Convenience, and ease of use are some of the more important attributes of a successful product. Make sure it is wanted and needed, find their desire for the product.

Explain why your product will continue to be different. In a physical store or an internet store where a consumer has multiple similar choices, the advantage needs to be as clear and as enticing as it can be.

Packaging, ads, and coupons can say virtually anything, but a consumer has to believe what they are reading and the product is worth their money. Where does your credibility come from? Do they trust your brand? Are consumers in your niche willing to trust a new brand?

The product can be the most innovative product the world has ever seen, but unless the consumer can see it, they won’t know. How visible will the product be? Who is your audience and what is the best way to put your product in their line of sight?

The consumer must feel comfortable with the cost of purchasing and using your product. The cost in this sense must be justified and be seen as reasonable, if necessary do an offer with the sale of it.

After the consumer is exposed to, and even believes, your ad campaign and message, the product must deliver on its promises. Companies and individuals need to take the time to make sure their product will deliver results at least as well as the ads state.

Many companies can, and have, had a “one-hit-wonder” product, but in order to sustain the success of the product over a long period of time, companies need product loyalty. Even if the product delivers on its promises in the beginning, complacency will allow your competition to come back. Build loyalty to your product by continuing to stay ahead of the competition and you will find that a new household name will be very familiar to you.

Please understand that all the above steps weigh equally on your chances of a successful launch. The age-old saying that you are only as good as your weakest link is true. Even one risky area of the launch process can seriously detract form the value of the product.