Is Your List Wise Enough

Allow me to introduce my readers to a cool site called List Wise, if you are into email marketing and list building this will be of use to you.

Recently the number of  email list brokers has risen and with it the amount of good for nothing email lists purchased through them.

When you acquire new lists, you very rarely know exactly what percentage of the addresses will bounce or be invalid. List brokers will tell you that they are all double opt in and clean, you should however know better. As seasoned email marketers are aware, the cost of sending to non existent and out of date in-boxes is very costly.

List Wise is a very simple tool that will clean your lists, get rid of duplicates and potential bounces, thus giving you a clean, fresh list that you can use for all your email marketing needs.

If you send bulk email to many invalid, non-existent & bouncing addresses then your mail servers, content, as well as all IP’s associated with the campaign could end up being black listed.

Sending good emails to bad lists is worse than sending bad emails to good lists. List wise have gained valuable insight into cleaning lists and maintaining their quality.

Your number one priority as an email marketer is to get the email delivered to their inbox, don’t let the poor list quality of your customers kill the reputation of your IP’s, and destroying your business.

List wise has a free sign up option which allows you to clean up 100 emails for no cost, so it is worth taking a look today.

This subject is also covered in my product



Outsourcing To Beat Your Competition

How To Use Outsourcing To Beat Your Competition

Outsourcing is when you hire outside professionals or
services to take on part of your business workload. You
may want to outsource part of your work because you
don’t have the room, you need an expert, you have periodic
busy periods, or you need more production to get orders
out on time etc. You could outsource accounting,
secretarial tasks , factory help, computer training, web
design etc. Below are ways to use outsourcing to beat
your competition.

By outsourcing part of your workload you can save time
and spend more time concentrating on beating your

-you won’t have to take time training new employees

-you won’t have to do time consuming tasks like adding
on new equipment

-you won’t have to learn a new software program or other

-you won’t have to interview employee candidates

-you won’t have to fill out all the complicated employee
paper work like tax forms, scheduling, retirement plans etc.

By outsourcing part of your workload you can save money
and spend more money on marketing or advertising to beat
your competition.

-you won’t have to buy extra office and other equipment

-you won’t have to buy extra office or work space

-you won’t have spend money on employee costs like;
taxes, medical, vacation time, holidays, workers comp.,
unemployment costs etc. (these may vary by which
country you do business)

There are many other ways outsourcing can help you beat
your competition. Here are a few more:

-the extra help can help you complete and deliver orders

-you could expand your market share by becoming the
middleman and offering your subcontractors services or

-you could end up getting orders from your subcontractors

-it will allow your business to take on extra or large orders

Learn Photoshop Skills


Photoshop Masterclass Toolkit Bonus

If like me you use designers or outsourcers for your graphics then you will be familiar with the large fees it costs to pay these guys over the year. Whist mostly they do a good job, sometimes we need graphics urgently or we miss opportunities & sometimes designers fail to understand what we want from the outset so we usually wait for alterations or use the ‘low quality’ work instead. It is no secret, poor graphics hurt conversions

I’m not suggesting that we sack our designers & go to college to become graphic experts, most of us have enough on our plate already. Ideally we just need to be able to whip up a great looking graphic now and again & edit ready made stuff if required.

To address this problem my colleague matt garrett has launched Photoshop Masterclass for Marketers. This is a set 21 short market specific video lessons created by a pro that will walk you through the essential skills + give you the right tools to get you going.

Matt is an expert teacher with a string of top selling coaching products and also a friend so I know the ethics & quality of the stuff he sells. If someone told me a few years ago they could teach me 3 years worth of design knowledge in 3 hours I would bite their arm off.


email Discussion Lists Get Involved

Get Free Advertising By Participating In email Discussion Lists

Posting messages to email discussion lists is a
great way to get free advertising. An email
discussion list is a group of people connected
together via email that can communicate with
one another. When you post a message to a list
include your signature file at the end. Your signature
file should be no more than 5 to 6 lines. Include
an attention getting sentence why they should
visit your web site or email your auto responder.
Try to select list’s that are archived because your
signature file will be viewed for years to come.

Email discussion lists are highly targeted. There
are thousands of discussion lists with thousands
of different subjects. You can usually subscribe
to these lists by sending an email or by filling out
a web form. You want to subscribe to one that
would be related to your target audience. If you
are selling books about marketing, you would
want to post to lists were business people and
marketers would congregate.

Before posting to any email discussion list, read
the FAQ or rules first. They will tell you what
kinds of posts are allowed. Read the messages
for a few days before posting your message to
see what type of messages are being posted. If
the list is archived you could read the older
messages. If you want to make sure, you could
email the list moderator. Never post messages
that are unrelated to the list’s subject.

There are many different types of messages you
could post to the email discussion list. You
could post an informative comment or article that
would interest the other list members. Post a
question on the discussion list that you would like
answered. You could answer another person’s
question on the list. When you post and answer
questions you will become know as an expert
and meet other experts on the list.

Endorsement Marketing Secrets

Endorsement Marketing Secrets

Endorsement marketing is having famous or reputable people
recommend your product or service to others. They could be
celebrities, star athletes, musicians, etc. Choose people that
are related to your business and might actually use your
product or service.

Before asking anyone for an endorsement be sure your product
or service gives the results you say it does. They may ask you
to prove it before they will agree to give an endorsement.

Once you find the ideal person to endorse your product or
service simply contact them and ask. When proposing any
endorsement deal make it a win/win situation. Tell them you
would get the endorsement and they would get free publicity.
If they’re selling a product or service, you could exchange
endorsements. If they ask for a fee, try to give them a
percentage of the profits instead.

Once you get an endorsement from someone, use it on all your
advertising and marketing material. Put their endorsement and
picture on your Web site. Use their testimonial in your ads.
Include it on your product packages.

An endorsement can increase your sales fast. It gives credibility
to your product or service. People will usually believe a person
that’s not related to your business before they will believe you.

Promote Your Online Business

3 Clever Ways To Promote Your Online Business

1. Electronic Catalog Marketing

Create a catalog of products or services in e-book or auto
responder form. Give the catalog away for free to your
web site visitors. Ask other web sites, that aren’t in direct
competition with your business, if they would like to add
their products or services to the catalog. If they do, just ask
that in return they either link to your web site, run your
promotional ad in their e-zine or place your banner ad on
their web site for a set period of time. You could ask them
to also give away the free catalog because you would
already have your ad(s) in the catalog. Since you created
and compiled the catalog place your ad or sponsor ad at the
top or title page of the catalog. This technique will quickly
multiply your advertising.

2. Donate Your Publishing

Donate to libraries. There are thousands of school, college
and local libraries all over the United States and world.
Millions of people visit libraries everyday. Why not donate
your e-mail newsletter to them. You can find a huge list of
libraries on online yellow page web sites. Contact the library
by mail, phone or e-mail. Tell them you would like to donate
a free subscription of your e-mail newsletter. If they accept
find out if they want it sent by mail in print form or by e-mail
so they can print out the newsletter. You could also donate
your books, audio tapes, video’s, booklets, etc. If you have
an e-book you could put it on disk or CD-ROM and donate
it. Just have your business ad included in the material you

3. Online Community Marketing

Create a popular online discussion board. Reward people
points for every message posted on your discussion board.
Let’s say you reward each person 25 points for each
posting. You could give them a free product or service for
500 points which would add up to 20 postings on your board
from that one person. Just keep track of points for each
person that posts on your message board. This could also
work for e-mail discussion lists. Just post your promotional
ad at the top of your discussion board page. Everyone that
visits your discussion board will see your ad.

Giving Away Content For Free Advertising

How To Get Free Advertising By Giving Away Online Content.

Giving away content is a powerful way to get free advertising.
For example, give other people permission to use your article
on their web site or in their e-zine. The resource box at the
end of your article acts as an ad. In return, you get free
advertising. It’s a win/win situation for both you and the
people that need the extra content.

There are many forms of free content. It could be articles,
reports, news stories, e-books, e-zines, e-mags, virtual e-mail
courses, press releases, web books, etc.

You can take it a step further and make giving away content
an even more powerful way to get free advertising. For
example, give your free e-book to one person and allow them
the rights to also give it away. Do you see what I’m leading
up to? Let’s say only 20 people download your e-book. Those
20 people may give away your e-book to 20 more people.
That’s a total of 400 people that have seen your ad in the
e-book. And it just keeps multiplying!

If you keep producing free content over a long period of time
it starts building up. Now, take all your free content and
create an online directory. You can use your free content
directory as a web site traffic generator. You can ask people
to add the directory to their web site by linking to yours.

In conclusion, giving away content gives you three powerful
ways to get free advertising. You can submit free content,
allow other people to give away your free content, or have
people link to your web site to give away the free content.
My advice is to take it one step at a time and this system
will bring traffic to your web site over and over for years
to come.

Increase Your ezine Subscribers

5 Quick Ways To Increase Your ezine Subscribers.

1. Give Incentives
Give people an incentive to subscribe to your ezine. Offer
them a freebie if they subscribe. It could be a free e-book,
free report, free advertising, etc. Make sure the freebie will
attract your target audience.

2. Joint Venture
Joint venture with a similar ezine. Combine your subscriber
bases together and publish one ezine. Edit and publish
each issue together. You both will be promoting the e-zine
which means more subscribers.

3. Allow Archiving
Allow your subscribers to archive back issues of your
e-zine on their web site. They may need content for their
web site. If people visit their web site and like your e-zine,
they will subscribe.

4. Form An E-zine Ring
Form an ezine ring. Team up with 4 to 10 similar e-zines.
All the publishers would agree to list each others e-zine
name and subscribing information in every issue. You could
call this section “Other Free ezines You Might Enjoy”

5. Ask Subscribers
Ask subscribers to forward your e-zine to close friends,
family, or associates. If they enjoy your ezine, they will
subscribe. It’s almost like your subscribers are endorsing
your ezine.


Also why not try the following ideas.

1. Utilize Your Knowledge

Do you have extensive knowledge in a particular subject?
Offer people free consulting or advice on that subject via
e-mail if in exchange they either link to your web site, run
your promotional ad in their e-zine or place your banner
ad on their web site for a set period of time.

2. Become A Publisher

Publish e-zines for other people for free. In return for your
work in designing, updating and gathering content you
request that your promotional ad be placed at the top of
each issue. Their duties will be to promote and send out
each issue to their subscribers.

3. Persuade Them To Sign

A great way to get e-mail addresses and testimonials for
your online business is to ask people to sign your guest
book. The problem is a lot of people won’t take the extra
time to sign your guest book. An effective way to persuade
them to sign your guest book is to give them something
free in return.

4. Create An E-mag

Publish your e-zine in ebook format. You could offer more
articles per issue. You could add graphics with the articles
just like in print magazines. Your advertising revenue would
increase because you could charge businesses for full page
color ads.

5. Tell Them What’s Next

Get your visitors excited about revisiting your web site.
Tell them about upcoming articles, prize drawings, free
stuff, etc. If they know what’s in store for them, they will
revisit. Tell then to sign up for an e-mail reminder or tell
them to bookmark your web site.

6. Share Your Information

Create a web book that’s related to your web site topic.
Give people the option of linking to the web book so they
give it away to their visitors. Put your ad on top of the
title page to get free advertising. This strategy will easily
multiply your advertising exposure.