Huge Traffic From ebay

eBay is one of the most visited websites on the Internet today and that’s a fact.

It is also the largest online marketplace in the world with a huge amount of traffic. No matter what you list on eBay, no matter what category you place it in you WILL get people viewing it, if you simply apply some of the techniques used here. I hope you have realised by now that traffic is the heart of any successful business online. module

If you want proof of the true value of traffic then build a website, or have one built for you and then place it online and see how many people visit your site without any traffic methods in place.  This is where eBay can step in and help us out with their already massive amounts of traffic. All you need to do is to harness or ‘funnel’ a small portion of this traffic and you will see some great results.


 Optimise Your Listing

 There are some very important steps that you must follow, in order for you to get the most that you possibly can from eBay. One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make is really quite simple, they forget to place their relevant keywords or keyword phrases in their title and description. The amount of traffic you will receive to your listing greatly depends on your keywords and keyword phrases that you have placed within your title and description, if you don’t have these in place it will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack for the visitors.

 Optimising your eBay listing is essential if you wish to be found by all of the eBay traffic that is already trying to buy what you are selling, you just need to show them the way. Make use of the keyword tool that eBay provides as it will give you a lot of help as to what the popular search terms are for eBay searches.

 Another good reason to optimise your listing is because eBay are in partnership with Google, so many of the listings in eBay are now showing up in Google searches giving you the best of two massive traffic sources.


Use Classified Ads

 eBay classified ads are a great way to tap into the traffic of eBay. Creating an eBay classified ad is relatively simple, very similar to a standard auction listing. A classified ad costs only $9.95 for 30 days. Keywords must be placed in the title and description as they are in standard listings. Keep your ads concise and descriptive, but remember it must be appealing and easy on the eye. Use bullets and pictures to break up any long text.

 At this time eBay still allow you to place external links (links that link to sites outside of eBay) on your classified ads, so I would suggest you link to one of your other sites in your ad and maybe even a link to an opt in page, so you can increase you subscriber list too. eBay are constantly changing their rules so it would be best if you take a quick look and check before you do anything you are unsure of. Here is a link to the sellers rules.

 You can even promote affiliate products with classified ads if you prefer, this is really simple to do and can be quite profitable if you structure your ads correctly. Take a look on eBay pulse to find out what the most popular searches, stores and most watched items for that day are. Then use that information to find a product that has a lot of visitors. You can also check the page counters in each listing to check individual pages. Once you are happy that you have found a popular product take a look on Clickbank, paydotcom, Click2Sell, 1ShoppingCart or Commission Junction and see if you can find an affiliated product similar. Then you can simply create a classified ad that promotes your popular product through your affiliate link.

 Be sure that you only use high quality products as you do not want to promote products that sound good but are actually sub-standard. You may have to actually purchase the product first in order to review it and see if you think it is worthy.

Take Advantage of Your About Me Page

 A lot of people are still not taking advantage of their ‘about me’ page, this can be a great source of traffic if you use it wisely. This works a lot better if your inventory of products is related to the website or auction you want to drive traffic to, just like ‘targeting’ your traffic does. Your about me page is a page that you are able to design and customize yourself, eBay has strict rules about the content on your about me page and they are forever changing them, I suggest that you take a quick look yourself before creating your page. You can view eBay’s guidelines on your ‘about me’ page here.

 Here is what you are able to do at the moment that will help your traffic. Firstly, place a little information about yourself and maybe your company. Also, explain about the kind of products that you sell. You are allowed to place a link to your own website or blog on there, so I suggest that you do that first. This is what the eBay rules say: “On your About Me page, you may link to your own Web site or individual Internet store where you are offering to trade, sell or purchase your goods or services”.

 Do not be tempted to place non-eBay products on the about me page itself though, this is what eBay have to say on that subject: “You may link to your own Web store or Web site. However, you may not directly offer any non-eBay merchandise on the About Me page itself”.

 I would also place a link that leads to a squeeze page on your about me page, so you can build your subscriber list at the same time as you increase your traffic. Your link could say something along the lines of this: “If you would like to learn more about the product here then click here for our free newsletter and we will also send you some great free things here”. If you want to get people to click the link then you need to offer freebies. As I said earlier it is best that you read the eBay rules on the subject before you start.

 Once you have your about me page in place you then need to have a link to it in your listing description, a graphic at the end of your listing works best for this.

 It is also a good idea to have a graphical link to your other eBay shops.


The Importance Of Article Writing

Articles give your website a great boost with traffic and also content, visitors who come across your website love something that interests them. A well written article will attract more of the right visitors to your site. When the visitor finds that the content is interesting enough, they tend to identify with your products and services. They will also begin to trust you more as a result of this. If you are able to make your articles a cut above the rest and attract the clients’ attention, your business is sure to get a major boost. You already know how important it is for any business to have the right kind of exposure, great articles will do just that for you!  

Articles are one of the most effective ways to gain targeted Internet traffic, this makes articles hot property amongst webmasters and marketers. People who want big traffic and great content will pay a lot of money to those who can provide articles to their websites. In order to make the most of the articles you write or have written, all you need to do is submit your articles on all the top article directories and very soon you will start to get the right kind of traffic coming to your site.

One of the most important parts about creating a successful website is getting a great rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. In order to get and sustain a high page rank you have to put in a little bit of effort. One of the things that determine the ranking of a website in search engines is the presence of good quality, unique content, if you have relevant and well written content, your chances of getting a good ranking increase considerably, remember that regular update of the content is also a key factor.

Another great use for articles is to use them to get signups for your affiliate and opt-in lists, to do this you simply need to direct the links in your article resource box to a squeeze page or affiliate signup page, obviously, you would have the article content written to suit your individual needs.

The Old Way of Article Writing

The old techniques used when writing articles were quite simple, all you really had to do was write the content well and put certain relevant keywords within the article, then simply sit back and watch the traffic flow, this worked great when there was not much competition and there were only a few people who you could find to write articles. These days things have changed, so we need to refine our article submission strategy.

The New Way of Article Writing

There are now a lot more people using article marketing so we have to use new kinds of keywords, these are called ‘Long Tail’ and ‘LSI’ (Latent Semantic Index).

Do not be put off by the posh names, they are really quite simple, ‘long tail’ keywords are just like any other keyword phrases, but less popular, less competitive and less searched for, basically, an extended version of your phrase, so if you were using the keyword phrase ‘blogging’ for example, it would become ‘blogging for great reasons’ or ‘blogging for new methods’ and so on.

You can generate keywords with Google’s keyword tool but they are not really long tail keywords, use it as a guide and extend on them a little.
Other keyword tools which will give you better long tail keywords are WordTracker Keywords and also SEOBook keyword tools.

LSI is a little more complicated. Basically, LSI examines the article as a whole to see if the content of the article is related to the topic.

The key to getting a high ranking in the search engine is relevancy. You will stand a lot better chance of getting a good page rank if your article is to the point and relevant. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is really just a way of confirming relevance in your article, so the more relevant content in your article the better.