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Mobile Marketing Tools & Resources

You don’t have time to find the latest marketing apps and cutting-edge examples of mobile marketing out there. That’s our job.
Below are our top picks for those apps and resources you need to have on your radar screen now.

1. Flowboard

Part Pinterest, part PowerPoint, this iPad-only publishing service allows you to put together attractive presentations, which you can use to show clients in person or to link to online for your social networks.

This tool is ideal for content marketers who have megabytes’ worth of photos and videos stored on their iPads, reducing the need to move content from your tablet to your computer. You can, however, upload graphics to your Flowboard account and incorporate them into your Flowboards.

This app is free to download and use; power users can buy a monthly subscription ($5 at time of writing) to get more online storage space and bigger file uploads.
This tool is easy to use and takes full advantage of OS gestures such as tapping and two- or three-finger swiping. It took us just minutes to build our first Flowboard.

2. Litmus

Email is still the No. 1 activity on smartphones, according to the Pew Research report on mobile phone usage. This service helps you find out how your emails look and behave on a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems.

Once you set up your account, you can import your email’s HTML code into the Litmus interface. In a few minutes, you can view your email in multiple mobile email clients, including all versions of Apple’s iOS, BlackBerry, Outlook on Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and Google Nexus. You also have access to a subject line checker that reviews how your subject line will look in those mobile formats.

Litmus offers a one-week free trial before charges kick in (beginning at $49 monthly at time of writing for a range of email optimization services that go beyond mobile optimization, including email design and optimization on a wide range of desktop and web-based clients).

3. Tumblr Mobile

Yahoo’s recent purchase of Tumblr signals a stronger future for this publishing platform, which blends the content power of blogging with the viral potential of social networking. Its mobile app helps you stay connected and keep your Tumblr pages up to date quickly.

This app is designed well and works intuitively on the three major platforms: iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Mobile. All three are easy to use, but we found the iOS format had the best user experience. Just a few taps of the finger lets you upload pictures and video or create a simple text entry to publish immediately or to queue for later.

4. Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Report

Millennial Media’s trend reports take an in-depth look at the mobile device scene using research collected from its mobile advertising platform. The reports answer questions on topics such as:

Which smartphones or tablets are leading the field and which are falling behind
Which operating system (iOS or Android) generates more ad impressions
How many iOS owners also own Android devices
Are users more likely to play games, check email, watch videos or listen to music on their mobiles?

The link in this review’s title takes you to the registration page where you can download each report at no charge. While there, check out Millennial Media’s other research focusing on mobile advertising trends, including the annual S.M.A.R.T. report (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting) and Mobile Intel, covering advertising trends and best practices for industry segments including consumer goods, entertainment, finance, automotive and retail.

5. Mobile Moxie

This multi-tool grader stands out from similar optimization tools because it shows how your website will look on the widest range of devices, operating systems and mobile browsers and highlights what’s working and what needs to be fixed.

Besides the usual Android/iOS/BlackBerry triumvirate, you can also view your content on a Kindle, Palm or Nintendo Wii and also see how well web crawlers like Google Smart Phone Crawler will do on your site.

Mobile Moxie delivers the good, bad or neutral news infographic-style, allowing you to scan the results and zero in on the items you need to work on first. Topics include functionality, accessibility, design and technical readiness for mobile viewing.

6. BlippAR

We were skeptical that BlippAR’s smartphone app would make marketing via Augmented Reality work seamlessly on ordinary smartphones until we tested it on a BlippAR client’s logo and found it actually delivered its ad campaign as promised. That’s why we chose this AR tool over the others we considered for review.

What sets BlippAR apart is how easy it is to operate for the user. The downloadable app (iOS and Android) recognizes content faster by focusing on the brand’s logo instead of a QR code.
Time will tell whether AR grows legs and becomes an ingrained mobile channel. Until then, try this app for yourself to see how it could work for you and your marketing program.

How Idiots Target Success (H.I.T.S.)

Here is a question for you; how do you target success as an Internet Marketer?

For a lot of people it’s how much traffic you get to your website, blog, squeeze page, opt in form, and the number of followers you have on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon ect, ect, the list goes on.

But have you ever stopped to think about what I am about to say? “HITS are the lifeblood of yours and any other business, especially an Online Business”, True or False?

Well, controversially it is FALSE!

At the end of the day, it is NOT how many followers you have, how many visits your sales page has had and not necessarily how many people sign-up to your Aweber list. It is also not about the amount of articles you have written either. HITS stands for, “How Idiots Target Success”.

Of course I could be wrong especially if your bank account says so; if it is healthy then congratulations this report is not for you because you have found the holy grail of Internet Marketing success. That is “QUALITY”.

The quality of your traffic is very important, that goes without saying as does the quality of people on your list of followers. A website or blog could get loads of traffic, but if it does not convert into sales then it is pointless surely. Your site should be monetised correctly, have internal and external backlinks and be well optimised with seo. In order to get a lead to stay on your site in the first place it should be inviting, eye catching and interesting. More to the point be what they are looking for!

When building any internet marketing business quality is the key to success. The quality of your traffic, the quality of your followers, articles, & blog posts is the most powerful thing to get right from word go.