email Discussion Lists Get Involved

Get Free Advertising By Participating In email Discussion Lists

Posting messages to email discussion lists is a
great way to get free advertising. An email
discussion list is a group of people connected
together via email that can communicate with
one another. When you post a message to a list
include your signature file at the end. Your signature
file should be no more than 5 to 6 lines. Include
an attention getting sentence why they should
visit your web site or email your auto responder.
Try to select list’s that are archived because your
signature file will be viewed for years to come.

Email discussion lists are highly targeted. There
are thousands of discussion lists with thousands
of different subjects. You can usually subscribe
to these lists by sending an email or by filling out
a web form. You want to subscribe to one that
would be related to your target audience. If you
are selling books about marketing, you would
want to post to lists were business people and
marketers would congregate.

Before posting to any email discussion list, read
the FAQ or rules first. They will tell you what
kinds of posts are allowed. Read the messages
for a few days before posting your message to
see what type of messages are being posted. If
the list is archived you could read the older
messages. If you want to make sure, you could
email the list moderator. Never post messages
that are unrelated to the list’s subject.

There are many different types of messages you
could post to the email discussion list. You
could post an informative comment or article that
would interest the other list members. Post a
question on the discussion list that you would like
answered. You could answer another person’s
question on the list. When you post and answer
questions you will become know as an expert
and meet other experts on the list.

Endorsement Marketing Secrets

Endorsement Marketing Secrets

Endorsement marketing is having famous or reputable people
recommend your product or service to others. They could be
celebrities, star athletes, musicians, etc. Choose people that
are related to your business and might actually use your
product or service.

Before asking anyone for an endorsement be sure your product
or service gives the results you say it does. They may ask you
to prove it before they will agree to give an endorsement.

Once you find the ideal person to endorse your product or
service simply contact them and ask. When proposing any
endorsement deal make it a win/win situation. Tell them you
would get the endorsement and they would get free publicity.
If they’re selling a product or service, you could exchange
endorsements. If they ask for a fee, try to give them a
percentage of the profits instead.

Once you get an endorsement from someone, use it on all your
advertising and marketing material. Put their endorsement and
picture on your Web site. Use their testimonial in your ads.
Include it on your product packages.

An endorsement can increase your sales fast. It gives credibility
to your product or service. People will usually believe a person
that’s not related to your business before they will believe you.

Giving Away Content For Free Advertising

How To Get Free Advertising By Giving Away Online Content.

Giving away content is a powerful way to get free advertising.
For example, give other people permission to use your article
on their web site or in their e-zine. The resource box at the
end of your article acts as an ad. In return, you get free
advertising. It’s a win/win situation for both you and the
people that need the extra content.

There are many forms of free content. It could be articles,
reports, news stories, e-books, e-zines, e-mags, virtual e-mail
courses, press releases, web books, etc.

You can take it a step further and make giving away content
an even more powerful way to get free advertising. For
example, give your free e-book to one person and allow them
the rights to also give it away. Do you see what I’m leading
up to? Let’s say only 20 people download your e-book. Those
20 people may give away your e-book to 20 more people.
That’s a total of 400 people that have seen your ad in the
e-book. And it just keeps multiplying!

If you keep producing free content over a long period of time
it starts building up. Now, take all your free content and
create an online directory. You can use your free content
directory as a web site traffic generator. You can ask people
to add the directory to their web site by linking to yours.

In conclusion, giving away content gives you three powerful
ways to get free advertising. You can submit free content,
allow other people to give away your free content, or have
people link to your web site to give away the free content.
My advice is to take it one step at a time and this system
will bring traffic to your web site over and over for years
to come.

Defeat Your Business Competition

Below is 10 Killer Ways To Defeat Your Business Competition

1. Offer free original content. It’s important to give
your visitors information they can’t find anywhere
else. If you’re the only source, they’ll visit your site.

2. Give people free software. Most people like to
find good deals on software for their computers. If
the software is free, that is even better.

3. Hold free contests or sweepstakes. Most people
like to win things. If you can fulfil that need, people
will stop by to visit.

4. Provide a free web directory. Create a directory
of web sites on a popular topic that will attract your
target audience.

5. Offer a free e-zine. Most people love to get free
information that’s e-mailed to them regularly. This
saves them time and money.

6. Make your web site look professional. You want
to have your own domain name, easy navigation,
attractive graphics, etc.

7. Let people read your ad before they get to your
freebie. When you use free stuff to lure people to
your web site list it below your ad copy.

8. Attract the target audience that would buy your
product or service. A simple way to do this is to
survey your existing customers.

9. Test and improve your ad copy. There are many
people who write an ad and never change it. Make
sure you get the highest possible response rate.

10. Give people an urgency so they buy now. Many
people are interested in your product but they put
off buying it until later and eventually forget about it.