Affiliate Marketing Guide


Do you want to learn about a new way to make money, one that will make you $100 a day or more, every day, while you literally sit around?

In this page I will take you to the next level of affiliate marketing, so you become an instant success, and walk away with profits. But don’t be fooled, there is work involved.


OK. Most people are willing to work a little. I promise if you pay attention and put just a little effort into what I am about to teach you, then you will successfully learn how to earn extra income.

You see, most people get into affiliate marketing and do not have a clue what they get into. They do not know how to make a good impression. They do not know how to promote and advertise the products or services they sell. Because of this, they give up too early, and they do not make any money.

With Affiliate marketing, you can learn to market great products without much effort and make money, so you do not sit around, scratch your head and wonder what went wrong. There are a few secrets of affiliate marketing you need to know before we get started, so let’s start with those.


Two Secrets To Affiliate marketing

What are these secrets? Ok, first, most people do not realize you do not have to do everything right the first time you try to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

You do not have to be perfect. The people making millions of dollars do a lot of things right, but they are still not perfect. Most people however, think unless they have a perfect system in place, they have no chance of making money, and this simply is not true.

So listen up.

It’s OK If You Do Not Get It Right The First Time

Anyone can make affiliate marketing work well for them if they are willing to put a little time and effort into it. Just a little, we are not talking about 40 hours each week here. That is why affiliate marketing is such a great concept.

You can know nothing about affiliate marketing or Internet marketing and still make more money then many of the “so-called” guru’s of marketing. This is why I am such a fan of affiliate marketing and why I have my family and friends into affiliate marketing too.

First, if you do not know what AFFILIATE MARKETING is, then you need a bit of education.

Key Concepts.
There are a few secrets to Affiliate marketing. First, you can’t simply write an article about ANYTHING. You have to find a hot niche market. You also want to find keyword phrases to accompany that market, ones that do not have too much competition, because if they do you will have a harder time getting people to click through your links. When you find your niche, your keyword phrases, you write (or hire someone to write) great articles, SEO optimise it and submit it. The people making money using Affiliate marketing are the ones selecting profitable keywords and connecting with people interested in buying whatever it is they promote or sell. Whether it’s your own product or an affiliate product, it all works the same way.

Here is a key idea you have to realise to win.

Affiliate marketing does have to cost you a penny

aff3How many marketing programs and gurus show you how to make money without telling you that you have to spend tons of money in the process? You guessed it, zero.

Here is how it works again. Remember, this is simple stuff folks. You submit your articles, with terrific keywords, to search engines, with links embedded into them, from great affiliate programs.

Then you wait for savvy marketers to pick up your articles and post them, so their traffic clicks through and you get paid your affiliate income.
So why read a whole book about it?

Well, it is a little more complicated than it may first seem. We make it seem like it is easy, and it is. But, there is a lot more to affiliate marketing than first meets the eye. So, before you go a step further, you have to get a proper education on affiliate marketing. We could waste your time and write about fifty pages of content about it, or we can send you to the very creator of the system, the person that will provide you everything you need to know to make affiliate marketing all it needs to be.

You have to do this before you read any more of this guide. When you link to this website, just put your email address in and that is it. You will receive a free course that will tell you everything there is to know about affiliate marketing, at least the essentials. We’ll tell you the rest you need to know in the remainder of this guide.

Once you do your homework and read your course (it won’t take long at all), then you can come back to this book and move on to the next chapter. Now it is time to get into the nitty-gritty, the details behind affiliate marketing.

Are you ready?
Great. There are certain secrets that make any program work. This is true of affiliate marketing just as it is of any type of marketing program. In the next section, we will talk about the first secret to affiliate marketing.

You will learn a little about this secret from your free course. In this book, we will expand on what you learn so you can become the exceptional affiliate marketer you always wanted to be. The first secret to affiliate marketing is…. (Hint: It’s in the next chapter).

So read on, and don’t miss your opportunity to make affiliate marketing work for you.

The Secrets of Affiliate Marketing Article Magic

By now you should know the only way to succeed as an affiliate marketer is to learn how to write great articles. Think about it. There are literally millions of articles already in syndication on the Web.

Even if you select the best keyword, and search engine optimize your article, there is absolutely no guarantee anyone is going to read whatever it is you have to offer. Why?

Because you may not know how to write. Worse, you may write too slowly. So your first lesson is about this: how to write quickly. Secret #1 involves fast writing. Fast, good and reliable writing.

When you accomplish this, you become an instant hit at affiliate marketing.

Super Fast Writing

affiliate-promo-material-1-logoIt sounds simple I know. Anyone can write an article right? WRONG.
In fact, many people hit the panic button and drop out of affiliate marketing, losing the potential to earn millions of dollars just because they do not know how to write a good article, or worse, it takes them too long to write an article.

Think about it. Ask yourself how many of you sit there and take 4 hours to write one article? If you want to win at affiliate marketing, that is simply something you cannot do or you will not make any money at all. You need to churn out at the very minimum FIVE articles an hour, at least.
If you get really good, you can write even more. Someone adept at writing SEO optimised articles can easily write five to ten articles in one hour or a bit more.

Self Doubt Leads To Failure…Do not “think” yourself out of success.

Think you cannot write that many articles… good, valuable, and interesting articles that will bring in lots of extra cash… well you are wrong.

YES, you can.

Now that is something a TRUE affiliate marketer can do. Here is an important secret, one you simply must know to get ahead.
Speed is essential when it comes to affiliate marketing. Your articles do NOT have to be great (but they do have to be good, you do want people to read them and click-through after all). They cannot be utter rubbish, but they do not have to be masterpieces of Pulitzer Prize award stature.
You don’t have to win an award when writing articles for affiliate marketing. Here are the keys to a good article.

Good Article Writing – The Fast & Furious Way

Here is what separates the winners from the losers. While you do not have to be a writing expert, you do have to write a decent article, but one you can whip up in a few minutes.

Here are some essential “ingredients” of a good article:

1. It has a great headline.
2. People can skim it easily, so you want multiple subheads throughout your article.
3. Your taglines and lead-ins should be catchy, so they grab the reader’s attention and get them wanting to read more.
4. Your article should contain bullets, so your reader can easily skim through your article, pick out the pieces they want and move on.

Good article writing isn’t rocket science. But you do not write an article on the Web the same way you write an article for a book. If you write an article with long and boring paragraphs, no one is going to get to the end of the article and click-through your affiliate link.
Why? Your article is hard to read. Remember, the computer is hard on the eyes.

Which is easier to read? An article where you break up information using headlines, subhead and bullets (see this example) or one where the information is crammed into one run-on sentence?

Remember, you are not writing a novel here, you are writing a short article.

Highlight the key points of your article. Keep it short, sweet and to the point.

Lastly, make your reader want more. That is the reason they click-through your link.

Not Thinking Is Key

Here is another secret to great article writing no one will tell you. The secret to writing articles fast is not thinking. Don’t sit there and think about the article for 10 minutes before writing it. Just start writing.

If you sit there and think about it, you will toss out one idea after the next. You will always have the chance to find something wrong with your article, even if there is nothing wrong with it.

Most people get “writer’s block” only when they think too hard about what it is they are trying to write. What you need to engage in is what I call “stream of conscious writing.”

It doesn’t matter what topic it is, just start writing. Write whatever comes off the top of your head related to the subject at hand, even if it is an indirect lead in to what you have to say.

You will find the more you start writing, the easier it is for the words to flow.

Make Research Easy

The only source I use for research is Now, I am not going to say this is the best and only place to research articles and information, but it certainly is a convenient place to find information and more importantly, find keywords for articles people search for.
What I do is get the list of keywords I want to write articles for, and then go to and search the articles for topics similar to mine. How do you get keywords?

Keyword Searching & Search Optimisation

If you want to know what people want to read about, then you have to conduct a keyword search. There are many ways you can go about doing this.

The simplest and easiest way is to do it free. Use the Keyword Search Term Tool provided by Overture. It is the most popular source of keywords on the Net today, and it costs nothing.

You can just type in

You will get to the same place. What you will see is mostly a blank page with a box. Type in the word or words you think people might be interested in or the subject of your “would- be” article.

Then, all you have to do is click go. The search tool will tell you how many people searched for a keyword or a term during the last 30 days or so.

The more people who search for a term, the more likely you are to get people to read your material. A good hint is any term that people search for that has 10,000 or more hits in a month.

If you come on a term that has 100,000 or more hits in a month, all the better, however the more people you have looking for a term, the more competition there will be. You will notice however too, that when you use this too, you can get a list of other similar terms people search for.
Use some of these terms and see if you can’t come up with some great ideas for articles or for keywords you should incorporate into your own articles.

Most people do not realise the most important fact that exists about article writing.

Most of the work you have to do is done for you

Look at other people’s articles and see what they’ve written about. Find out what people are searching for on the Web using tools like the selector tools at overture.

What you are doing is basically rewriting other successful articles. Now, you are not PLAGIARIZING. Naturally. This is NOT legal. You are creating original works, but referencing the work of others for ideas so you can create a better article.

Does this make sense? You do not have to become Einstein. You do not have to become a rocket scientist. You do not have to come up with the next best and greatest idea.

Most are already taken. Your job is essentially that of an article re-writer. Every article topic imaginable has been written for you at There are millions of articles listed here, and all contain links or resource boxes to other people’s affiliate sites or information.

As you can see, there are already a lot of people aspiring to be affiliate marketers. Take advantage of this system, exploit it and rise above your competition. It is the simplest way to get ahead in the industry.

Read an article, and then write your own article. Fill in the gaps. Find out what benefits you need to include the original author didn’t mention. Don’t copy, create an original work. Just make it unique, different and better than the competition.

Remember, you do not have to create a best-selling article. You are not an expert writer at this point, and you may never aspire to be. Why would you, especially if your career aspirations include being an affiliate marketer. You do not want to do a LOT of hard work.

You want to do it quickly and easily. Write them quickly.
QUICK. Write quickly. Write like lightning. Force yourself to sit down and write and not move until you have 5-articles done every hour.
If you spend more than ten minutes writing any one article, you spent too much time on your article; you set yourself up for failure.
Why do you want to do that? Now, I am not saying this will happen overnight. It will involve some practice. You can do it however.

Try by writing your first five articles. See how long it takes you. In fact, make that your first assignment.
First, go to:
Search for articles on the topic you want to write about. When you find the articles, scan them quickly. Do a quick search for keywords.

Then churn out five original articles based on the information you find. Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Now, how long did that take you?

With practice, it will take you ten minutes or less to write an article. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen, this much I promise.

Why I say this is because the affiliate marketer with the most articles out there getting hits and traffic is going to win. To win, you don’t need the best articles, you need the most articles.
Understand this. YOU need to be the most prolific writer out there to win. YOU NEED TO WRITE THE MOST ARTICLES. The more articles you have, the more articles people are going to read. The more articles people read, the more click-through links you will get, and the more
money you will make. That is how the system works.

Keep It Simple AND Short

If you want to write fast articles, you are not going to write long articles. They are going to be short – one page articles at the most usually. That is fine, because most people do not pay enough attention to read longer articles anyway, no matter what anyone tells you.

You can buy automated articles or spinners. I do not use auto generated content or article spinners. I do not think this is the best way to make money. Sure, it is an easy way. But eventually people are going to catch on to the fact the same material is being circulated round and round.

That isn’t going to make a good impression now is it? Not if you want to make good money. I take my time (really, because it does not take much time) to write original articles.

In fact, every article I write is unique. Every article adds value to the directory (yes, I do add my articles to this directory because people refer to it all the time) and give readers the information they need.

Now remember, you have to write a good quality article, but not a long article. All you need to do is put something together that is 350 words to 500 words. I don’t use big words, I give them the information they wanted, and I give it to them quickly.

Use simple words, as if you were writing to an eighth grader. That way you won’t confuse your reader and you will encourage them to read on. Quite simply, you want to offer quality information in as concise a way as possible.

No fluff. One or two pages of hard-hitting good information and you will enter the winner’s circle before you know it.

Imagine being able to get out 50 articles a day.

Don’t think you can’t. If you work just 5 hours, you can crank out that many articles. If you get really good, you can do that in less time.

Let’s say you do that 5 days a week.

That’s 250 articles a week, and that translates into a lot of money. This is very doable, even part-time. Most people out there have to work eight to ten-hour days, I am talking about putting in five or less hours. To be the best affiliate marketer out there, you can’t expect to win by doing less than your competition.

You need to work harder than your competitors.

You only have to do this for 6 months or 12 months full-time and you will have a nice on going income for many, many years to come.

You could easily work really hard for 6 months, get out 50 articles a day then take the next 6 months off.

Imagine only having to work 6 months of the year and the rest of the year your income is taken care of.

You will be getting checks for years to come from work you did 4 years ago. I still do from articles I wrote many years ago.
Speed… speed is the #1 key to being the most successful affiliate marketer on the
Don’t want to write articles? Fine, speak them.

Get a microphone and a copy of Audacity for free and away you go. These days technology allows you to do just about anything you want. So if you are not very good at writing, then record your articles and have an automatic translator type it into a document for you. Then, you just have to edit it.

Go to, find a keyword you want to write an article on and search for articles on that topic.

Find an article, read that article into your own words into your microphone, record it, get it transcribed and away you go.

Now, let’s move on to another important SECRET to your success as an Affiliate marketer. Ready… this one is really important; so important, I’ve decided to devote an entire chapter to it.

Here we go….

Product Selection Separate Winners From Losers

aff2The next secret to affiliate marketing is one you will understand very easily once you start reading about it. Ready? Good. Another important secret you have to master to become a successful affiliate marketer has to do with product selection.

We’ve talked about this concept briefly, but let’s expand on it just a bit…
Super Product Selection
If you want to succeed, you have to write great articles. This much you know. But articles about crap products are not going to make you money. Period. If you want to make good money write great articles… AND… make sure you promote
GREAT products.

Nothing frustrates me more than seeing and hearing affiliate marketers saying they are writing all these articles and not getting any sales. I then go check out their articles and what they are promoting. Nine times out of ten the problem is the products – they promote lousy products.


You CAN write a bestselling book about something, but you won’t sell it if it is about a bad topic or product.

What is the point? When selecting keywords, always keep in mind you should select keywords that you can associate with great products for sale. Never ever select keywords to write articles on UNTIL you have a great product to promote. I always, always look for a product to promote before I do keyword research.

Now, I could have mentioned this earlier, but if you are smart and paying attention you are not going to take any action until you read this book in its entirety. That means you haven’t done any keyword searches yet at least not for products you plan to sell.

Before you sell products, now that you know HOW to do keyword searches, find out what products are worth promotion, and what products are not.

Fit Your Article To Your Product

Here is another winning tip. One reason some affiliate marketers fail is this. They do find a good product. They do write good articles.

But, the articles they write have nothing to do with the great products they sell. Do not write a great article about fly-fishing and then provide a link to a product selling hair products. Tell me; is there any logic to this? The answer naturally is NO THERE IS NOT. But, people do it ALL the time.

I see people doing this constantly, and they are complaining because they are not making any money. Well, that is because they are writing articles using the keywords they found that fit the affiliate marketing criteria (which is good), but then they write an article for that keyword and try to fit an unrelated product into their article byline and wonder why no one buys from them.

Would you? Imagine this. You are a landscape gardener. You read this terrific article on flowering, a type of landscaping. You are pumped up. You get to the byline, click the link and go to a page selling fish supplies. Hello? What about a link to a product selling landscaping materials, bedding, plants… anything related to the article? An e-book on how to make money as a part-time landscaper perhaps?

Do you see the pattern here? If you want to win, you have to:

1. Select a great product.
2. Find great keywords associated with the product.
3. Write dozens of high quality articles to publish to the Net with a byline linking to your product.
4. Link your product to your RELEVANT articles.

This is how you make money. It really is easy once you get the hang of it. Now, how do you get started selling products? Easy, just go to the king of all product marketplaces… CLICKBANK.



You do not have to create great products to make money in affiliate marketing, you just have to know how to select other people’s great products and then promote them on the Web.

Most people find the simplest way to find great products is through Clickbank. In case you are not familiar, I suggest you go there now:

Check it out. Sign up for a free account. Then browse the navigation bar to the Clickbank market. Any products offered here, you can promote and sell. You can write articles about them.

Clickbank even provides you stats on products so you know how well they sell on the market. So you do not have to do any statistical research, just by looking through Clickbank you can find out whether you have a good or decent product
or not.

Let me say this again in case you are not 100 percent clear.

The best way to start with affiliate marketing is trying to dominate Clickbank first. Go to the Clickbank Marketplace; see what is hot in all the categories, not just the Internet marketing category.

What you need to do is click the drop down menu for the categories box. You can then enter a sub-category, some keywords and search listings by popularity.

Click go, and start looking for great products to affiliate. Find a product that is selling well, has a good sales letter and offers more then $10 per sale.


If you want to succeed, you must jump in and DOMINATE THE MARKET

aff1That means no half-baked approaches. If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to learn how to dominate. That means you have one task, and one task alone you must concentrate on.

You have to saturate the market with your articles to become the winner.

You need to dominate each product you promote.

This (not writing articles, not dominating the market, not jumping in full-force) is a sure way to fail or make a few sales here and there.
So to recap. Let’s review what we learned.

1. Find a product to promote that shows interest. It is fine if you do some keyword searches before time to practice, but your first priority is finding a product.

2. Conduct multiple keyword searches to find out what search terms people look for when searching for the product you plan to promote.

3. Make sure the product is HOT NOW. You can do this easily by visiting the Clickbank marketplace, which ranks products according to how well they sell. If you find a product you like, but it is at the bottom of the list, or has a bad sales page, do not bother moving forward.

Find a product to promote before you even think about keyword research. Make sure the product is hot right now, which is easy to tell on Clickbank, which is why I recommend it, make sure it has a good sales page and the sales page is working fine, make sure it offers fair commissions and make sure also that the owner is contactable.

What is a fair commission? If someone is really interested in getting their product to move, they are going to offer affiliate commissions of at least 50% (that is 50% of the sales price) to get you to promote their product.

Some will offer a lot more than that. If you can find a high paying affiliate product, one that sells for a good price and offers a commission of 70% or more, you are golden.

All you have to do is dominate the market by creating great articles and saturating the market.

Your goal should be to initially write at least 30 keyword articles on a product to get people to start noticing your work.

In theory, the goal is to get everyone reading an article on a product to read something YOU wrote. And remember, you are not doing this full-time.

Now that you know what to do, let’s review the how a bit more, specifically when it comes to keyword research. In the next section, we will once again touch on
the subject of keyword research, because it is so important to your success when marketing products.


How To Conduct The BEST, FREE keyword research

keyword research is fun. I love it. I can spend hours researching keywords, which is a mistake as it takes away from writing articles. Still, it is fun to do and you may find if you have extra time you can spend a little extra time on this all too critical task.

Don’t waste too much time, but remember while doing it to have fun.

Now remember, if you plan to do keyword research, you better find a good product to promote. This is not hard, start with Clickbank. Just do it. Create a list of at least 5 products you would consider selling because:

1. They offer good affiliate commissions
2. The product sells for a decent rate
3. There are great keywords you can find to write articles about
4. The competition is not so stiff you will find it hard to make money…

As I said above, the first thing to do is find a good product to promote. The next thing to do is keyword research.

To find keywords, I go to:

When I visit this page I type in my main keyword. Doing so provides me a list of over 200 OTHER keywords related to the keyword I just typed in.

All of this is free. I can now write 200 more articles using the additional keywords I just found. Remember, keywords change from month to month, so it pays to keep on top of things and recheck occasionally. Remember, the tools I provide you with in this guide are FREE.

I’m not a fan of spending money on tools that are not needed and keyword research tools can be expensive.

For every product you find that you want to promote, you should write 30 articles. You should be able to get 30 articles out a day.

So in 5 days, a working week, you would have 150 articles written and have 5 products promoted and saturated. Not bad, and remember, you only have to work a few hours each day. So, theoretically, if you do your homework, you can soon start making almost full-time income working part-time hours being a bum.

Do Search Count And Competition Really Matter?

Search count and competition are important considerations when creating your business. There are many people who will encourage you to look for keyword terms that people search for frequently but those that also have little competition.

This means finding a keyword with a high volume of searches but few products listed or competitive marketers promoting the same product. I am not the type of person that relies or worries too heavily about volume or competition.

A true affiliate marketer is someone who writes as many articles as possible on all key search terms and great products to saturate the market. That said, when starting out, if you want to encourage yourself or make a good impression, you may find it easier to start out by selecting good products with little competition.

After all, the more competition you have the harder a time you will have attracting people’s attention. However, once you become more experienced at writing articles and selecting products, the chances are high competition and search volume will become much less of an issue to you.

I’m not overly fussed on the search count. If a keyword or search term gets under 500 searches a month but is highly targeted to the product I want to promote, I will still write an article for that term.

That goes the same for keywords with more than 10,000 competing pages in Google. If the term is really good, I will write articles for keywords with more than 10,000+ competing pages in Google, especially if it has a good amount of searches per month.

I am a firm believer that there are plenty of people available with a never-ending supply of income, so no amount of competition is too much competition, as long as you are putting out articles consistently.

But, try it both ways and see what works best for you. Remember each person is different, so you may find you prefer working one way versus another. You can even write an article or two on this subject, since it is such a highly debated topic within the industry.

Now that you know even more about keyword articles and search terms, it’s time for you to get to the real meat of the issue. It’s time to talk about “little-known- secrets” of the industry few if any people will tell you.

In the next section, I am going to reveal information you will not find elsewhere. Use this information wisely and you may find you expand your financial portfolio tenfold all while dominating your market as an affiliate marketer.


Insider Secrets To Affiliate marketing Success

If you follow every bit of advice offered in this guide so far you will become a successful affiliate marketer.

Now it is time for you to learn a few more important tips, little secrets that will skyrocket your business to the top of the industry. These are really key secrets here, so do not even consider skipping this section. While some people will start affiliate marketing immediately, I highly recommend you read the last few pages of this guide so you really do become an instant success as an affiliate marketer.

Learn How To Dominate GOOGLE  The Multiple Personalities Perspective

The most successful affiliate marketers are those with multiple personalities. It is true. Most people “assume” that everything they do must be “done” under their name. Have you heard of the term “alias” however?
Did you know that you can have multiple accounts with That’s right. And did you know that you can have 2 articles with the exact same
keyword listed in the top 10 in by writing 2 articles with the exact
same title.

That’s right. Instead of having 1 article in the top 10 in Google for your keyword you are targeting, you can have 2 articles listed in the top 10 in Google for that exact same keyword.

All you need to do is set up 2 free accounts with

Under 2 different names. I have many different accounts all with different pen names and this is totally acceptable as long as the articles are of good quality.

By using this method, you will have to create 2 totally different articles, but that is ok, this gives you even more chance to get even more people to read your
article. It basically doubles your exposure.

Don’t forget, there are also other article directories like to submit to. I ALWAYS submit unique articles to each directory. Do not rely on alone to become a successful affiliate marketer. Remember just as you should adopt a multiple personality’s perspective, you should adopt the idea of a multiple “tools” perspective.

If you do use other article submission services, make sure you create new and original articles for these submission services. I never ever submit the same article that I submit to to

It really makes your articles suffer in the search engine ranking game to spread your articles over that many directories. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to knock out a quick article, so why not create a new article for each directory. It is the simplest and best way to make the most money as an affiliate marketer.

Here is a fact. You will run out of products on one day to promote (yes, I know… sad but true) so it’s best to milk the real winners as much as you can. Try and get as much out of each product you are promoting as you can, if you don’t you are pretty much leaving money on the table. That’s definitely not an affiliate marketing trait!

Give Them An Actionable Plan

Want to really sell the products you are promoting with your articles? I mean really sell, not just enjoy pity sales. This method will set your sales on fire. I’ve been using this method now for over a year to write my articles and I’ve seen an increase in sales beyond what I thought possible for article marketing. This also works well when writing and selling your own e-books.

Nothing makes people want to buy more than this… giving them a reason to buy right now! You have to give them a reason to buy the affiliate product you are promoting right now and you can do that by giving them a plan of action to use straight away.

You see, most people need direction. They need you to tell them WHAT to do so they can do it. It is that simple. By providing them an action plan, what some marketers refer to as a “call to action” and then instilling a sense of urgency,
most people will buy almost immediately, as soon as they click-through to whatever it is you happen to be selling.

Tell your prospects right away how they can use the product you plan to offer and how they will benefit from it. Make certain they know they will benefit immediately but only if they act… RIGHT AWAY!

For example, let’s say you are promoting a product about creating content sites for Google Adsense income.

In your article, you could give them a method of traffic generation that works so well with content sites that it practically makes them money hand over fist. Tell them it is so easy they can make money in their sleep; in fact, if they act right now they may make money in the next hour!

Then in your article byline, tell them you have a product that will make creating content sites so easy and all they have to do is put the two together and make money instantly.
You could write something like this….

“Want to know how to use this traffic generation method to suck in Adsense cash
24/7 with easy-to-make content sites? Visit my website below. Start creating traffic today using the one tested, proven and simplest tool on the Web.”

People are sick of buying products and not having any reason to use them or doing nothing with them afterwards.

People are sick of wasting money on more information products. Information products are not enough. What people want is a plan that will make them money immediately. If you offer a product that can do this, then you are golden.

I was promoting an e-book about selling turnkey businesses for resale on the Internet. In the article I wrote, I gave them an exact business to create and sell. I told them the domain name to purchase, where to find the website template to use, how to write the content and what content to write and even how to sell the business in a few hours.

Then in my article byline to promote the e-book I wrote this,

“To learn how to make a full-time living creating and selling turnkey businesses for profit, visit my website below for more information.”

Did people buy? You bet! When people used the business plan I gave them and actually made money from it and they saw it was profitable, they came back in droves to buy the product from me.

Final Action Plan For Success

This is what you should be doing every week. If you want to succeed, if you want to be the affiliate marketer you deserve to be, the kind of person I’ve been talking about all along…

Follow this action plan every week and you will be well on your way to earning
$100 – $200 a day within a month.

Step 1 – Find 5 products to promote

You will need to find 5 decent products to promote that fit the criteria I talked about in the above sections. is a good start to find products to promote. There are new products being added daily.

Make sure they pay you enough for your time. Don’t promote a product that pays you peanuts. It’s not worth it especially if there are more products available paying better profits. Make sure you find products people will spend money on, and products offering affiliate commissions no less than 50-60% when you promote the product if you can.

Another great idea for the affiliate marketing method, one not many are taking advantage of is promoting residual income affiliate programs.

IE, affiliate programs that pay you every month, like web hosting. I love residual income affiliate programs. Here is how they work. You promote a product one time. A customer buys the product. Every time they come back to buy another, you make more money. Promote a product once and are paid for as long as that customer stays a customer.

For example. If you promote a web hosting company and make a sale, you will make that same amount of money every month for as long as that customer stays with that web hosting service.

Residual income affiliate programs are the wave of the future.

Step 2 – Find at least 30 keywords for each product

If you want to find more keywords, even better, but start with 30 first to see if the product will be worth it. There is nothing worse than writing 50 to 100 articles to promote a product and then realized the product doesn’t covert to sales.

Sometimes, this is going to happen. It is not a big deal if you have not invested a lot of time or effort in your article writing.

This is very frustrating and it is going to happen on occasion, that’s life. Some products will convert better than others.

But the very minimum articles I write for a specific product is 30.
If I write 30 articles and I make very little sales, then I know not to keep going. The great thing about affiliate marketing is it’s a perfect way to test if products are
winners for free while making money. If a product is a winner, there is nothing stopping you from advertising with Google Adwords and Ezine advertising.

I know all the top affiliate marketers write at least 30 articles for each product they promote. I know this because I write for them and myself and this is what works for us.

Step 3 – Write the articles for your keywords

Now is the time to write your articles. You know you have a great product; you know it will convert, so there is nothing stopping you from making great money except your willingness to write a LOT of articles. Great articles.

I’ve given you many tips above to make this easier and more profitable for you.

If you wanted to outsource the article writing you could do that as well.
There are places that write articles for as little as $6. Use these forums and find people to write articles for nothing; just keep in mind part of your profits will go to paying people to write for you, so make sure you have products that pay well.

If you go to and sign up to that forum, and go to the services for sale section, you will find many, many people offering article writing services for as little as 2 or 3 dollars a pop.

If you do decide to hire people to write articles for you, here is a tip.

Never pay upfront. Pay after the articles are completed.

Write the articles quickly. Give them an action plan to use, top it off with an interesting article byline and you will make sales.

Step 4 – Create your landing pages and submit your articles will no doubt in the future change the rules for what is acceptable as the landing page people click on in your article byline.

In the future will probably not allow you to redirect their readers straight to a sign up form for an opt-in email list. They probably won’t even let you send readers straight to a sales letter or affiliate page via redirect.

Travis explains all about landing pages in the affiliate marketing method, but what I’ve found to work even better than a simple pre-sell page or an opt-in page is to incorporate content around the landing page. That way, people land on a page where they have something interesting to read before you go into a hard sell.

For example, you would have the reader directed to a page on your website.

But instead of just having one page site visitors can click on and either sign up to your free opt-in list or click straight over to the affiliate website, on the side of the

page in the navigation area, you would put links to other articles you’ve written. This is likely where you will make your most money, but getting people to opt-in to a list is equally important, because you can always market your product to them later by a sales letter.
This makes your website more of a content/resource website. This will please your website visitors and People are more likely to click-through the links you have when you have a website set up with information, not just a blaring sales page. Remember, with time everything gets old.

At some point, customers, not just article commandos like are going to demand more from the people using their services.

As you know, is cracking down on landing pages and they no longer allow

Also, this gives you more chances to make sales as well.

When a reader can see that there is more content to read on the topic, they will read those articles as well and get even more excited about the product you are promoting. If you do a good job of writing articles, they will believe you have quality content to offer, and they are more likely to trust whatever products you have to recommend to them.

This is pre-selling at its best. Many people really hate giving away their email address straight away just to get more information, so give it to them free repeatedly, and they will eventually WANT to give you their email address.

There is already too much junk mail out there, so more and more people want something tangible immediately. They do not want you to bombard them with crap, so just don’t do it. Do as I say and make money the right way.

Once you have created your landing page, submit your articles MANUALLY to and Those are the only article directories I use.

Step 5 – Double up on your keywords

By now you should have written 150 articles and submitted them to the relevant article directories. If after a few weeks, you find a certain product is doing really well, double up.

Like I explained before, create a second account and write the same articles again under this different persons account.

Also go and look for other keywords you can write articles on. Milk it for all it’s worth.
Do all of this for 4 weeks straight and if you are not seeing $100 or more a day in your Clickbank account I will be surprised. This system WILL work if you try it. It is not another “tactic” it is THE magic key you have been looking for, a way to be lazy and make money. Who doesn’t want to live life-like that?


Have You Thought About Buying Your Own Article Directory Site?

This is for the more technically minded affiliate marketer who wants to take his or her affiliate marketing to the next level. I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick of’s rules and regulations. I’m not one to sit around and wine though, it’s their site and they can do as they wish with it, but I’m going to find another solution.

What I am doing right now is this.

I’m at and I’m looking on their forum to buy a website with a PR rating for Google of 7+. I’m looking for one to buy.
I’ve seen a few already. They range from anywhere between $300 and $3000. What I’m going to do is buy a PR 7 website and setup my own article directory on it. As you know, is a PR 7 website and that is why it gets such good rankings in Google so quickly. It attracts a lot of popularity from people and gets many visitors.

But there is nothing stopping anyone out there from buying a site with a genuine PR 7 rating and turning it into an article directory site. Then you can submit all your articles to this site that has a PR 7 rating and not have to worry about rules and regulations, as it would be your website. You can send people to whatever type of page you want, and you can write as many articles you want on as many subjects as you want, it is that simple.

This is something I will be doing and investing in and I know a few other affiliate marketers I told this idea to that are thinking about it. Imagine owning your own article directory, except you play by your rules and you can submit whatever the heck you like. This is affiliate marketing at its best. You don’t even have to accept other people’s articles you could just use your own.

Do you think this would work? You had better believe it would.

If you want to make money, but still live the good life, then take advantage of affiliate marketing. Take advantage of all the tips and advice in this book, and I bet you will make at least $100 – $200 a day. Add that up. That is at least $700 –
$1400 a week.

You could easily make a full-time salary working half time part of the year. You could even double up and make a large profit.

However, you have to start now; you have to do your homework. Now that you know how to do it, there is nothing stopping you from doing it. So get started!