The Importance Of Article Writing

Articles give your website a great boost with traffic and also content, visitors who come across your website love something that interests them. A well written article will attract more of the right visitors to your site. When the visitor finds that the content is interesting enough, they tend to identify with your products and services. They will also begin to trust you more as a result of this. If you are able to make your articles a cut above the rest and attract the clients’ attention, your business is sure to get a major boost. You already know how important it is for any business to have the right kind of exposure, great articles will do just that for you!  

Articles are one of the most effective ways to gain targeted Internet traffic, this makes articles hot property amongst webmasters and marketers. People who want big traffic and great content will pay a lot of money to those who can provide articles to their websites. In order to make the most of the articles you write or have written, all you need to do is submit your articles on all the top article directories and very soon you will start to get the right kind of traffic coming to your site.

One of the most important parts about creating a successful website is getting a great rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. In order to get and sustain a high page rank you have to put in a little bit of effort. One of the things that determine the ranking of a website in search engines is the presence of good quality, unique content, if you have relevant and well written content, your chances of getting a good ranking increase considerably, remember that regular update of the content is also a key factor.

Another great use for articles is to use them to get signups for your affiliate and opt-in lists, to do this you simply need to direct the links in your article resource box to a squeeze page or affiliate signup page, obviously, you would have the article content written to suit your individual needs.

The Old Way of Article Writing

The old techniques used when writing articles were quite simple, all you really had to do was write the content well and put certain relevant keywords within the article, then simply sit back and watch the traffic flow, this worked great when there was not much competition and there were only a few people who you could find to write articles. These days things have changed, so we need to refine our article submission strategy.

The New Way of Article Writing

There are now a lot more people using article marketing so we have to use new kinds of keywords, these are called ‘Long Tail’ and ‘LSI’ (Latent Semantic Index).

Do not be put off by the posh names, they are really quite simple, ‘long tail’ keywords are just like any other keyword phrases, but less popular, less competitive and less searched for, basically, an extended version of your phrase, so if you were using the keyword phrase ‘blogging’ for example, it would become ‘blogging for great reasons’ or ‘blogging for new methods’ and so on.

You can generate keywords with Google’s keyword tool but they are not really long tail keywords, use it as a guide and extend on them a little.
Other keyword tools which will give you better long tail keywords are WordTracker Keywords and also SEOBook keyword tools.

LSI is a little more complicated. Basically, LSI examines the article as a whole to see if the content of the article is related to the topic.

The key to getting a high ranking in the search engine is relevancy. You will stand a lot better chance of getting a good page rank if your article is to the point and relevant. LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is really just a way of confirming relevance in your article, so the more relevant content in your article the better.

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