Blog content should never bow it’s knee to SEO!

The quality and readability of your blog content should never bow it’s knee to SEO!

imagesStill, SEO is a vital component of blogging… What you should seek to avoid is allowing your SEO tactics make your blog content confusing or hard to read. Ultimately your most important readers are humans, and not Google bots.

Too often bloggers will try so hard to chock their blogs full of huge and confusing keywords in order to get search to notice it. Ironically, if no one is reading those mechanical posts, Google won’t care so much.

So, blog your best first, then go back with SEO. SEO cannot be your starting point if you’re actually looking to write inspired, readable content.

Once you’ve written an awesome blog, go back and do the following:

  1. Make your H1 tag compelling to readers but make sure your Title tag is free of  literary features and stick to the keywords so search engines can actually figure out what your post is about.
  2. Pick at least one place in your post to link to another relevant site or post.
  3. Pick at least one relevant page with in your blog site to link to get readers seeing more and to get more links to yourself.
  4. Use at least one relevant image and make sure you tag it with the appropriate keywords so Google can see that you have some awesome content.

After you’ve finished you’re basic SEO on the post, there is still a lot more you can do to increase the SEO power of your post:

  1. Identify your main keywords and find other relevant posts on the topic. Then go comment on their posts and link back to your site. Don’t stress too much over whether or not they’re do follow blog, at the very least your creating relationships with other like minded bloggers.
  2. To boost interaction on your post and the amount of links, always make it a top priority to approve and respond to comments quickly. This will show people that you actually care about what they say and that you want them to keep coming back. In the end the people you engage with will give you more links in the future!

Things that are tracked are proven to improve more and perform better, so make sure you are measuring your results:

  1. Invest in social media analytics so you can monitor the effect your blog post is having. Cheap options like ViralHeat or more expensive ones like SpredFast will give you a lot of valuable information.  Services like these will tell you everything that happens in social media with your blog posts.  Identify your current performance level and aim to beat it!
  2. Monitoring your social media interaction will allow you to foster your blog conversation outside of your blog. Hook yourself up with Hootsuite or Seesmic so that you can see when anyone says something about your post, postivie or negative.

Devoting the extra hour to get these things done for you blog will help your awesome blog post get the coverage it deserves.

2 thoughts on “Blog content should never bow it’s knee to SEO!

  1. Hi Barry

    WE all seam to fall for the seo trap especially Google trap or should i say panda hole.

    The points you raise are so so crucial and most people avoid
    these or don’t have knowledge of them for their benefit.

    Keep these valued content going it rocks.

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