Build Your List And They Will Come

Internet marketing is a tough game. Google constantly release new algorithms that cause the marketers to panic and wonder how they’ll ever satisfy the ever-changing requirements of Google’s search engine. Amazon also are known for changing their policy and there are all sorts of complicated and overwhelming instructions aimed at the internet marketer about what he or she should and shouldn’t do. In short the internet marketplace is extremely volatile, unless that is you decide to build your list of  subscribers.

In order to build your list it is recommended to sign up with an auto-responder provider that will automatically answer emails to those who subscribe to your list. On top of that you can schedule emails to be sent without having to be there to press the button yourself. It is an essential investment for those who want a big list fast. What’s next?

The best way to attract subscribers is to offer them something. Traditionally online businesses might offer a newsletter with the latest stories from their particular industry, but you can be as creative as you like to draw the attention of potential subscribers. Free gifts are a highly effective way to attract subscribers and the higher the perceived value of the free gift the better, so if you can provide a great ebook or even an online course to complete a specific task then you could be successful in building a list of devoted subscribers.

However the key to building a list fast is to drive traffic to your squeeze page (the squeeze page is the page on your website or blog where you place the details of your incentive for someone to sign up to your list and of course the sign-up section itself). How can you do this? There are a variety of ways, you can promote the link to your squeeze page on social media networks, blogs, discussion forums (usually in your signature) and even create videos relating to the topic on your squeeze page with a link back to your site on the video itself or in the comments section. You can also ask other marketers with larger lists in your niche if they’ll promote your offer and squeeze page to their list and when you build your list a little you can exchange the use of your list with other marketers who have a list of similar size in the same niche – this practise is known as ad swapping.

Learning how to build a list fast may take some time and will depend on a lot of things such as the quality of the copy-writing on your squeeze page, the attractiveness of your incentive offer to potential subscribers and how active you are in promoting your list. But you can build a list fast if you are relentless in your quest to drive traffic to it and if you provide value to your subscribers. It is a great feeling to not have to rely on search engines or affiliates to find your customers but you must be responsible in how you treat the subscribers to your list and it is not recommended to bombard them with offers but instead to occasionally let them know of some valuable information or service you think they may be interested in.

In order to get started on ways to build your list fast and for free then I suggest all list builders get active promoting their site wherever possible.

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