Forums are like a Gym

Do you really know how powerful an online forum really is?

An often overlooked way to get traffic to your site or offer, is to actively ‘spread the word’ about your web site and yourself. There are many forums and online groups you can join for free, all it takes is a little of your time and some effort of course. Be committed as if it were like going to the gym.

Finding a Forum

The first thing you will need to do is to find an active forum that is related to your website or product, simply do a search on Google for a forum, you may need to generalize your search if you are looking for a specific target, so if you are looking for a forum related to ‘diets’ for example, you may have to search for ‘health and fitness forum’, the very best forum on the net today with regards to marketing online has to be The Warrior Forum.

The warrior forum has over 100,000 members who are all related to Internet marketing, there are many different categories within the forum where you can buy, sell, promote or just offer great advice and build your reputation.

Read the Rules

These online communities may or may not have specific guidelines, some forums will require you to use private messages or special areas created specifically for that purpose to give out your website link to the other members so look at the forum rules and posting guidelines before posting.

If the members that see your links like what they see, they will recommend it to others and it could very quickly escalate, so this is another great way to get free visitors to your site.

Post Away!

Use the forums wisely, do not get caught up in what appears to be any type of conflict or argument, but if you have some helpful insight you can provide, it will help to get you recognized by the other members as someone they can trust and rely on. Some of the forums also allow you to include your link as part of your posting ‘signature’, your signature is automatically added to every post you create or reply to, so the more active you are, the better.

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