Get Your Blog Noticed

Good Blogging Techniques

There are many ways to get your blog noticed and I am going to share with you today 5 tips to make sure you get plenty of traffic, leads and income from your blog. This is more than just about how to advertise your blog, this is about how to get people to remember your blog once they have seen yours.

It’s far easier to get people to return to your blog than it is to find new people to visit it in the first place. If you are providing value that is entertaining then next time someone is doing a search and sees your blog pop up in the listing there’s a good chance they will click on the link.

You need to know how to build a successful blog in order to get your blog noticed so that people will return time after time. Many people to get their blogs noticed but don’t see a return in traffic as they have over done things. In this list below you will find what you need for a successful blog.

Get Your Blog Noticed

  • Eye catching header and theme.
  • Provide valuable and helpful content.
  • Use images, video and different text within your posts.
  • Make your blog easy to navigate.
  • Link to other relevant posts within your blog.

Your Header and Theme – the header is the first thing people will see when you page opens and next will be your theme. You want to keep these looking smart and organised, nothing worse than a messy website where everything is mixed up. Keep these simple and remember the saying, less is more.

Your Content – If you want people to return then give them something to make them return in the value of your content. If your content is boring and not informative they will never come back. Your content is where you can have a big impact if they return or not.

Images, Video and Text – You want to make your blog a place where people want to be, so using images and video is always a great way to keep people reading. Remember a picture paints a 1000 words. Your text can also be used as a way to get people to return, if it’s easy to read with bullet points and small paragraphs then people will like that much more. Combining all 3 and you are onto a winner.

Navigation – No matter where you are everyone hates feeling lost, so don’t let people get lost in your blog. Use the navigation tabs to describe what they will find under each tab, sound a bit obvious I know but you will be amazed at just how many people do not use this to its full potential.

Linking – By linking to other posts within your blog you are doing two things, first making your blog sticky so people stay there in the first place. And second it means you are deep linking within your own blog and Google likes that. There is a third and that is you are helping people find even more information than what they were expecting should they need it.

Your blog could be summed up as a restaurant; if the foods crap you’re not going back. The same can be said about you’re blog, if you are providing a great service then people will return, they will also share your blog with their friends on the social networks as long as you have installed them on your blog.

Once you get your blog noticed you will have an abundance of traffic, leads and income which will secure your long term financial future and this is what blogging for profit is all about.

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