How To Find A Profitable Affiliate Product

The first thing to do is to find a profitable affiliate product within your chosen market (niche). When offering affiliate products as solutions it is important that the product is a winner for you and your customer straight away. Not just any product will do. They may be high or low in price but should share the following qualities.

1. Pay out a high commission percentage of over 50%.

2. They must have a proven conversion rate.

3. They are in demand all year round or be a hot & timely product.

4. They are backed by a merchant affiliate program that provides solid support.

Choose at least three products to start with. They should differ in price and commission type, and one that provides you with residual income another words recurring commission. The first should be a lead product which you promote from an optin page to build your list by capturing thie email address.

The second product will be the backend product that you promote to your list of subscribers or customers. This should be slightly higher in price and pay out between 50% – 75% commission. The third will be the residual income stream product, such as a membership site or subscription based service. Remember that these products you recommend will influence your reputation as a good, solid and knowledgeable Internet Marketer.

Where to find such products?


For Physical & digital products check some of these below. (myfavourite)


You really need to know your product inside out in order to sell it effectively and with confidence. Therefore product selection is of the upmost importance


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