How to Make Your Blog Posts Engaging

How to Make Your Blog Posts Engaging

When a blog post has been read your reader should want to hang around to ask questions, comment and see what else you have to bring to the table, so to speak. After all, we are talking about creating potential long term relationships here. Try these Tips for Writing Engaging Content below.

1. Always Have an Engaging Opener

The opening sentence should capture the reader’s attention right from the word go. Remember, your readers can get all kinds of facts online so make yours unique. They want something that will ignite their curiosity, motivate their thought process and get them engaged and wanting more. If need be make your opener witty and outrageous if need be. Give your posts a personality.

2. Create a Bond by Using the First and Second Grammatical Person

Your blog should talk to your reader. Avoid using the third person syndrome, for example, no more, they and them. Write directly to your audience using first and second person only. This makes your reader feel closer to you and creates a virtual bond of familiarity.

 3. Make the Content Graphically Vivid

Words create images, and draw people into the scene you are painting. Just write in your speaking voice, as though you are talking with your friends at the bar. Throw some adjectives in and add some cultural flavour that reflects your background. Your reader must be able to relate to you through the information you are presenting to them. The purpose will be totally defeated if your blog is too long winded and boring.

4. Ask an Engaging Question

At the end of a post, ask a stimulating question. Make them ponder, make them wonder and start thinking inquisitively. The idea is to put your site and business fully into their head so that they actually want to come back for more. One of the best ways to achieve this is by stimulating their thought process.

5. Get Them to Contribute Content

It could be a problem that you are facing, or something your customer is facing. It doesn’t matter. Write a post about it and open the door to your readers to contribute by commenting on the post. You could credit readers with the best tips on your blog so that everyone can see.

6. Eliminate The Sell Sell Attitude.

Do not fall into the trap of adding too many keywords to the content for just for the sake of ranking purposes; this will diminish the ability to actually sell. Plus, in the wake of Google Panda and Penguin updates, your site may actually lose rankings because of this. Your post must be an effective sales tool with reader as the most important contribution.

7. Always Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Your blog posts and indeed your website should be free of all spelling mistakes. While the odd few spelling and grammar errors can be accepted your credibility will almost certainly be called in to question and it is not very professional looking.

8. Provide a Conclusion

Let’s face it; no one has tons of time to read every line of every post. Encapsulate the essence of your article in a short conclusion to help out these busy people. Your conclusion should ideally tie up your main points together and provide a short summary of what the article is all about.

9. Add a Call to Action.

Every part of a website, including the blog post should contain some kind of call to action within the content. Without this you are firstly failing to assist readers in taking the next step in the conversion process, and secondly you are potentially losing an income as well as a customer.

10. Link to Other Sites.

If you link to other sites too often it can become a negative part of any online business. Having said that, linking to authority websites is a great way to be seen as a credible business. Make sure your links are used to ensure your own authority and also provide your visitors with information you do not have.  When doing this make sure you do not interrupt the conversion process to do so. Upon clicking a link to another page it is always good idea to make sure it opens in a new window, therefore upon closing their new destination, they will always return to your page.


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  1. Great post for improving engagement with your audience. My favorite point from your post is linking out. Posts with no outlinks are lonely places.
    I find that getting the reader to question previously held beliefs through smart questions and examples works well.

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