Keep Profits Rolling

10 Killer Ways To Keep Profits Rolling

1. Give people a free online utility. When you offer
a utility that can solve a person’s problem, people
will definitely visit your web site.

2. Offer a free affiliate/reseller program. When you
offer people a free opportunity to make money they
will line up to visit your web site.

3. Supply news stories related to your site. People
want current news on the topics they are interested
in. You could also include new “how to” articles. Get engaged on social media platforms too.

4. Offer your visitors a free community. People like
to have a place where they can have discussions with
others on a particular subject. Set-up a Facebook page for example.

5. Make people feel safe when they order. Explain
to them you won’t sell their e-mail address and all
their personal information will be kept confidential.

6. Offer free samples or trials of your product. This
will let people experience your product and attract
people to your web site. People like to see, feel and even smell before they make a buying decision.

7. Make your ad copy attractive. Your ad should
lists benefits before the features. Include guarantees
and testimonials in your ad.

8. Remind people to come back and visit your site.
They usually don’t purchase the first time. The more
times they visit, the greater the chance they will buy. Attraction is very important, if people like what they see then they will return or at least remember you.

9. Let people know anything about your business
history. They will feel more comfortable if they know
who they are buying from, your brand is key to keeping your profits rolling.

10. Give people as many ordering options. Accept
credit cards, checks, money orders, and other forms
of electronic payments.

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