Ways to monetise expired domains

Ways to monetise expired domains

A few months ago I did a little experiment whereby I listed one of my expired domain names; it had a page rank of three by the way, on a GoDaddy auction. I had already established from research that there are quite a few webmaster forums for selling and also purchasing domain names and ones with page rank too. These forums included, Digital Point, DNForum.com, along with TrafficPlanet.com just to mention a few.  In addition, there are established marketplaces like GoDaddy Auctions and Sedo.com.

The price was set at $47 as a minimum. The domain had no content at all but it did have wordpress already installed upon it. Now rest assured it was not the greatest of domain names but to my surprise it sold for my asking price of $47. I had only bought it a couple of weeks previously for $10. I was well chuffed as I had made almost five times my original investment. This is called flipping a domain, now imagine doing on a regular basis.

If you have a blog in the online marketing arena then you can also sell domains there as well relatively quickly. I tested this by listing around ten domain names in a post, remember these were expired domains. I stated that I had not analyzed the back links of these to see if they were spammy or for that matter even worth buying.  To my astonishment however, within just a few hours all of those domains had been purchased, result!  I was really amazed to see how quickly these were picked up by readers of my blog.

However it did not quite stop there, I received emails from people actually wanting to buy my page rank 3 and 4 domains. The offers I received varied between $30 and $50. So, the market appears to be there for me to turn around and sell these domains at a profit very easily. Perhaps you could do the same on your blog?

I used to sell on Flippa, but because they now charge $29 to simply list your site I tend not to use them. Having said that though if you package enough domains together you should be able to sell them and cover your costs. For example, if you could sell ten domains at an average price of $40 equalling $400. That would cover the fees set by Flippa and leave enough profit to still make it a good business. Therefore if you do not have your own blog or audience to sell to, you can potentially still go the Flippa route.

Another great way to monetise expired domains is by selling links. This maybe controversial but it is big business. Links will sell on forums or other places, as already mentioned. One of the most established link marketplaces is Text-Link-Ads. The potential is big in selling links on Text Link Ads.  A page rank three site can easily bring in $20 to $30 a month, while a page rank four site could top $50 a month.  Higher page rank domains will bring in exponentially more money.

Now imagine having hundreds of PR 3 and PR 4 domains bringing in $20 to $50 a month, very nice I hear you say. Now imagine taking a site that has been consistently earning $50 a month via text link ads, and flipping that domain!  If you can pull in 20 times monthly earnings, that’s $1,000 for a $10 investment in the domain the possibilities are endless, wouldn’t you agree. But please be aware that flipping these types of already monetised sites for 20 times earnings is not that easy, but some decent multiple is certainly achievable.

Another alternative option for making money with these expired domains is to simply target a niche keyword and try to rank for that in Google. The best way is to pick a keyword that is in some way related to the domain, this is not essential mind you but could be advantageous later on.

Taking a superficial domain such as JohnSmith.com and let’s say it was connected to financial planning. You could target any low competition financial term, even though it is not specifically mentioned in the domain. It doesn’t have to be exact because these sites already have links and authority. The content you place on these sites technically should be ranking better than content placed on sites without any links or authority. It is an intriguing idea I think.

If within your search process you happen to find a higher Page Ranking domain of say five or six, you will have a valuable asset and be able to build and develop an authority site. With this you can rank for lots of keywords. This will give you a head start and save you a lot of time in branding your new website, therefore seek out those domains with high quality links pointing at them.

One final point in monetisation is to simply use the domains to link to your other niche sites. This is a tried practice that is the basis for every blog network in existence out there today. Blogging networks continue to pop up simply because they work. Some blog networks fail for various reasons, but if you have complete control over the domains, hosting, and link placements you can make sure it is done successfully and in your favour. Google however may not be a fan this strategy but it will certainly make you money with expired domains.  This is definitely a way to get authoritative links pointing to your sites.

To conclude this monetisation process for expired domains, just take time in your research methods and explore as many avenues as you possibly can to ensure a flow of sustainable regular income.



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