On Page SEO Explanation

On Page SEO is especially important for internet marketers, online business owners and anyone wanting a web presence.


So what exactly is On Page SEO anyway?

Put simply it informs search engine bots exactly what your web page is about. As you are aware bots are not human and therefore you cannot reason with them, and unless you are quite precise and detailed about your page they will not discover anything of any relevance.

To show a bot what your web page is trying to tell the rest of the world you will need to implement certain criteria in order to rank well.  I will try to explain. Always try to use keywords in the URL of all your posts, describing the page or post is of huge importance, this is commonly known as the “slug”. The slug is a big ranking factor that all search engines use to determine the relevance of the page or post concerned.

When writing a post WordPress will automatically turn the title into an H1 tag. A lot of other themes will do the same. You should also include H2 and H3 tags which will allow you to organise the content better for all of your readers as well as making the keywords stand out. It is a good idea to always add an image to posts, they should have correct titles attached to them and have related keywords with alt tags.

Make your keywords really stand out in the body by making them bold, italic or even underline them, however do not over do this part. Remember it is quality you are after so just for the sake of a higher ranking tread carefully with this one. Using external and internal linking is important for any on page SEO strategy, your main keyword should be used as anchor text (a clickable word or words within a link). Meta data is vitally important to on page SEO also. The meta description, meta keywords (only seen by bots, they were designed to trick bots into ranking sites for whatever keyword was on offer) and meta title (not the same as your post title) all describe the post or page to the search engines and its many users.

So how often should you use your main keyword within a post in order to gain an on page SEO advantage? Commonly referred to as keyword density. Gone are the days of overdoing it, keyword stuffing, Google have got very wise to that now. The rule of thumb here is to make it obvious to the bots exactly what the post is about, so as a guide between 2% and 4% is acceptable.

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