Product Creation Hints

So you would like to create a product of your own, but not too sure where to start?

I have for you a few product creation hints on how to kick start for example writing an ebook.

I have carried out the following points myself and in doing so have shown others this simple fact finding solution in getting you started and up and running with your new product creation.

1. Write down as many things as possible you are good at, as close to 20 as possible.

2. Make a list of 20 experiences that have been highlights in your life.

3. List subjects that you were good at whilst at school.

4. List your hobbies, past and present.

5. List all the jobs, full and part-time you have ever had.

6. List the places you have lived & the visited.

7. Write down 20 things that you most enjoy doing. i.e. cooking, playing chess, gardening.

8. List all the challenges that you have faced in your life up to this point.

As you will notice the above list is about you, as this is where your ideas should and probably will start from.

Remember, there are no trade secrets to coming up with ideas and no mystery solution. You do not have to be a genius to write and create things, it just takes practice.

Work through the above lists quickly and don’t get too bogged down by it. When you have done the above task, leave it for an hour or so and go and do something completely different. When you come back and check through your lists your mind will have had a chance to gestate the ideas and you will see things in a different light.

When you have a new idea, or see something that catches your imagination, write it down because you will forget if you don’t. No idea is a bad one, all ideas can be molded into creating an ebook for example.

Be creative and have a passion for what you write about, I hope this little post has helped.

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