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Have you ever wanted to create a product review website, but were unsure how to go about it? If done correctly a product review website can give you quick easy cash, it is a great way to make money online. The main reason it works is because you are targeting already interested potential buyers instead of the time wasters.

The type of visitor is very different, allow me to explain why.
When people have a problem they usually research the solution. This the type of visitor a normal content website will get. They are just looking, browsing if you like.

After they decide on a solution to their problem they will then start researching different products that will help them along the way. At this stage of the buying process the visitor is more likely to make a purchase and become a customer.

When you create a review website you take advantage of these ready to buy people and you will find that your visitor to sale ratio will be much higher.

How To Target Buyers

First of all you will need to choose a niche to be in, it will obviously help to have knowledge of that niche so you can write in a creative and truthful way.

After you have a niche all you need to do is start writing some product reviews. Don’t worry about writing a bad review either. If it is bad don’t over hype it. If the product is in your opinion bad then refer the reader to a better product, say something along the lines of “product Z did not reach our seal of approval but product Y is everything that Z isn’t”. Your objective here is to give an honest account of whatever you are reviewing. So if it is good then promote it give it an honest review and give reviews a star rating.

I recommend having a themed based niche website where you have a “top recommended product” on every page above the fold. The best product should be at the top of every page, this will make sure the site is still monetised even if you write a negative product review.

It is very important to target buyers with your quality content. The way to attract these targeted buyers is by using the correct keywords. Here are a few examples.

  • (Product Name) Review
  • Buy (Product Name)
  • (Product Name) Scam
  • (Product Name) Complaints
  • (Product Developer) Name
  • The brand or company name
  • Official website
  • Amazon best sellers

After you select a keyword “product name review” all you need to do is make sure you do the correct on page optimization. It is in all intensive purposes that easy to do if you know what you are doing of course.

There are two schools of thought as to whether you, the reviewer, should purchase the product first. You need to give an accurate representation of the product in the review. You can do your own research online of other review sites, go into forums and start a discussion, read other peoples blogs. But our advice at would be to purchase the product before hand, otherwise you risk losing credibility with your readers because a lot of experienced people will see through the product review as just a means to make a sale.

As a footnote, not only is it dishonest to make wild claims about a product so that someone will buy through your affiliate link it is also illegal to do so.



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