Social Media

  • Social media is just one of many ways to get web traffic.
  • The big social media sites are the kings of web traffic. Facebook is #2 on Alexa, YouTube is #3, Twitter is #9, etc.
  • There are literally thousands of social media sites, spanning dozens of categories, including (but in no way limited to)…Social networking sites – like Facebook and LinkedIn also Microblogging sites like Twitter.Video sharing sites – YouTube, Vimeo

    Photo sharing sites – Flickr, PhotoBucket

    Consumer-review sites – Yelp

    Social bookmarking/sharing sites – Digg, Reddit, Delicious

    Social gaming sites – WoW, The Sims, Second Life

  • Although there are thousands of social sites, and traffic can be gained from most of them, it’s most effective to focus on the handful of sites with the most concentrated traffic:
  • My 1st-tier picks:
  • My 2nd-tier picks:
    Linked-In (#13 on Alexa!)
    StumbleUpon (#102 on Alexa)
    Squidoo (#2242 on Alexa)
    Flickr (#32 on Alexa)
  • Some others worth consideration: Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, LiveJournal, Vimeo, Yahoo Answers, and the Warrior Forum (only for the IM niche).
  • Go where the fish are. For example, if your prospects are professionals… focus on Linked-In.
  • The social media experts and gurus are teaching it from various (and often conflicting) angles. Many are teaching it from a corporate branding standpoint.

There are three main ways that marketers get traffic from social media.

1 Spamming– much of what’s being taught by so-called experts falls into this category. most social media automation tools are spammy, it can and often does work, but I don’t recommend it.

2 Integrating

Virtually all businesses can benefit by integrating with social media to some degree.
It’s about communicating through multiple channels. (Better chance of reaching your prospects)
List building is still one of our primary goals.

3 Socialising

Your socialisation must be related to your business.
The objectives are building trust and authority.
Keep your personal profile separate from your business profile (with some exceptions).
Don’t waste your time on it. (always remember ROI “Return On Investment”)

WARNINGS about social media

  • 1) Scammers abound. Please educate yourself and learn the warning signs, so that you do not fall victim to a social media con artist.
  • 2) You’re sharing your database. By building your business on a social platform, you’re sharing your data with the owner of the website, and potentially allowing your competitors to rip off and/or show their own ads to your list.
  • 3) The distraction factor is huge, particularly for men. If you think you can hang out all day on social media and not get distracted by pictures of attractive women, advertisements of girls in bikinis, your friend’s latest vacation pictures, a cool new video from Youtube, a funny joke, etc… you’re kidding yourself! This alone will make social media a losing proposition for the majority of male marketers. (A good reason to outsource it).

Action steps:

1) Decide what role social media should play in your business.

2) Consider what kind of social media strategies you would like to pursue, such as integrating and socializing.

3) Become aware of the time you spend on social media, and track your ROI as much as possible.

4) Don’t waste your time on low-ROI activities. Outsource the profitable activities as much as possible.

In the next lesson we’ll be looking at specific methods of integration, and tips for maximizing your effectiveness on specific social sites, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linked-In.

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