Promote Your Online Business

3 Clever Ways To Promote Your Online Business

1. Electronic Catalog Marketing

Create a catalog of products or services in e-book or auto
responder form. Give the catalog away for free to your
web site visitors. Ask other web sites, that aren’t in direct
competition with your business, if they would like to add
their products or services to the catalog. If they do, just ask
that in return they either link to your web site, run your
promotional ad in their e-zine or place your banner ad on
their web site for a set period of time. You could ask them
to also give away the free catalog because you would
already have your ad(s) in the catalog. Since you created
and compiled the catalog place your ad or sponsor ad at the
top or title page of the catalog. This technique will quickly
multiply your advertising.

2. Donate Your Publishing

Donate to libraries. There are thousands of school, college
and local libraries all over the United States and world.
Millions of people visit libraries everyday. Why not donate
your e-mail newsletter to them. You can find a huge list of
libraries on online yellow page web sites. Contact the library
by mail, phone or e-mail. Tell them you would like to donate
a free subscription of your e-mail newsletter. If they accept
find out if they want it sent by mail in print form or by e-mail
so they can print out the newsletter. You could also donate
your books, audio tapes, video’s, booklets, etc. If you have
an e-book you could put it on disk or CD-ROM and donate
it. Just have your business ad included in the material you

3. Online Community Marketing

Create a popular online discussion board. Reward people
points for every message posted on your discussion board.
Let’s say you reward each person 25 points for each
posting. You could give them a free product or service for
500 points which would add up to 20 postings on your board
from that one person. Just keep track of points for each
person that posts on your message board. This could also
work for e-mail discussion lists. Just post your promotional
ad at the top of your discussion board page. Everyone that
visits your discussion board will see your ad.