Writing Effective Copy

imagesWhen writing effective copy online to increase sales it is vitally important to connect with your reader in order to convey your marketing message. Most people are cynical when viewing any advertising copy due to the amount of hype often used. The most effective way to engage readers is to touch upon an emotional cord, thereby drawing them deeper into what you have written. Blasting people with outlandish claims tends to increase their resistance to your advertising copy.

Below are 10 tips to use when composing sales content to help you connect with your prospects, this will allow you to effectively deliver your marketing message.

Attention Getting Headline

Peak the curiosity of readers by ‘hinting’ at what type of ‘sensational’ information awaits them within the body of your content. You must get them to read further into your advertising copy in order to get your points across and/or to persuade them to make a purchase.

Address the Problem

Identify the problem from which readers are suffering and that your offer will address to further engage people even deeper into your copy. At this point you have ‘touch a chord’ with others because they now feel you can relate with what they are going through. It is this connection they will help you better communicate any marketing message you may have.

Offer a Solution

Provide for a people a reasonable solution to their problem and do so in a credible manner. It is here that you are providing some legitimacy to the claims of your solution. You must be believable and convey your message in a clear and logical fashion! Using a more reasonable, deliberate and calmer tone in your advertising copy will be soothing to readers thereby lessening their resistance.

Show the Benefits

By showing people the problem as mentioned above you are also reminding them of their discomfort, suffering or pain! Here is where you allow them to imagine the ‘benefits’ that your offer will afford them and how their previous and undesirable feelings and/or situation will be solved! In order to increase sales with any promotional copy you will always need to show people how they will benefit!

Give Proof

The use of testimonials or logical and reasonable explanations that serves to make your benefit claims more believable or understandable helps to again lessen reader resistance. This reassurance is necessary and needed to get people to take the action you require.

Present Your Offer

Here is where you tell people you got the solution and they need to take the necessary action as required to posses the solution and enjoy the benefits! Once you have ‘rolled out’ your solution again review how it will help them and therefore why they need to have it!

Give Reassurance

Here is where you offer a guarantee to further assure readers and lay to rest any lingering doubts that they may have. You want them to feel any risk at this point is minimal or better yet non-existent! Money back guarantees are quite normal and expected when dealing with any reputable business. Here too you are aiming to knock down any remaining ‘walls’ of resistance or doubt people may still possess!

Your Call to Action

imgresThis is your wake-up call to readers telling them to take action, NOW and stop the suffering, discomfort or otherwise undesirable feelings/experience they currently have! Telling them the solution is at hand and theirs for the taking right at this point further lessens resistance and compels them to take action. You are nudging them along without blatantly pushing them which would only serve to increase their reluctance and fuel their doubt! It is all about subtlety and your proper use of it to keep people reading your advertising copy! It stands to reason that the more they read the greater the chance you will have to deliver your marketing message. In order to increase sales you absolutely must get your message across, so writing effective copy is so important!

Review Their Current Situation

Here you are simply reminding people of why they are even reading your copy, because they have a need or desire to make ‘things’ better! Reminding them you have the solution and it is easily within their grasp further triggers emotions that pushes them closer to taking action!

Remind People of the Benefits

Ending your copy on a positive note quite simply remind people of the good things they stand to experience and the negative ones they can easily eliminate, RIGHT NOW!

When writing effective copy for the sake of promoting something it is usually best to use subtly and not a ‘in your face’ approach. When people are viewing any advertising copy they always have the option of turning away thereby not receiving the intended marketing message. Subtly on the other hand serves to win the confidence and strike a connection with readers as the discussion above explains. By doing so people are then able to become more engaged in what you have written. The point is that the more they are willing to read, the greater the chances you advertising copy will have it intended effect which is simply to increase sales!

Looking For Copywriting Services

Copywriting services are in great demand nowadays. Since the boom of information technology, most professional individuals and even companies need to reach out to the public through the internet. They do this by developing their own websites where their clients and employees can access different information about the company or professional services in general.

If you need professional copywriting services for your website contents, you need to consider different factors to ensure that the services will be in accordance with what you like and how you like it to be in the end.

imgresBefore you sign up or agree to any copywriting contract, figure out your main purpose why you need the services. You should have a clear plan. Do you need manuals or company catalogue, newsletters? The first thing you have to consider is the main point of your project. This will help you to give a clear introduction to the copywriter, saving time and effort.

After you have reached your decision, look for the best copywriter, or at least a company with the highest standards and reputation in the copywriting services. There are numerous online sites such as guru.com and elance.com where freelance writers all around the world are signed up to bid on projects. You can sign up with these sites as a client, then freelance writers with well-suited background, skills and experience will contact you to offer you a copywriting proposal. Try to analyze each characteristic of the proponents, and then you can make your choice based on your copywriting needs.  Review their experience particularly their background in the industry you’re doing business on. You should also take note that the price range does not always affect the quality of the finished project. You often have what you paid for and poor writing can wind up charging you even more than if you would just get a few bucks from the beginning.

Always have an open communication with your copywriter. Professional copywriters are not psychics, and they can never read what’s on your mind. Check that your copywriter has a firm grasp of your copywriting needs and when you have questions or follow-up requests, immediately notify them, since they also need time to develop your contents. Never make them guess, or else they will take the freedom to write what they think are good materials, that sometimes cannot suit your needs. Also, request for early delivery of the finished contents, or at least ask for partial such as the first few chapters of the first few pages so that you will have an idea how the writing is going.

When you review the contents, see if there are mistakes. It is very unlikely that you can find grammatical errors since freelance copywriters are very well-versed in grammar, but if you think there is an error, tell them. Take note also of the content itself. Determine if they are in accordance with your requests. Check the facts and verify the data. Think of yourself as a reader, not as the owner of the website. Imagine yourself as part of the reading public. Did you find the content satisfying?

Also, tell your copywriter about what you think is the good points of the projects and the errors you have spotted. Although you can demand for anything, be reasonable and respectful in dealing with a professional copywriter.

Copywriting Solutions

Copywriting Services for Your Website

Freelance copywriters are hired by professional individuals or agencies which have limited skills in developing their own websites. Most of these clients don’t have enough resources to hire a full-employed or professional copywriter to write the contents of their websites. As an alternative, they would hire freelance copywriters on an agreed price which is more affordable from professional charges.

imagesFinding the best freelance copywriter to develop content for your website could actually make the difference between having a certified image and the one that would cast doubt on your site. Copywriters should be well-trained in the subject and experienced to develop a successful and qualified content for your website. There are a few matters that you should consider when you need copywriting services. This will make sure that you will have quality content from the best copywriter.

You can always find the best copywriters from the best places. You can check out websites devoted to copywriting services, where freelance copywriters are enlisted and they form a forum for specified services. You can find enough information on how to find the best copywriters from checking out these sites.

Choose a copywriter that is well-versed in the language you will use for the content. Although, native speakers are great copywriters, there are individuals who use languages as their second language, and they are also well-trained. Never commit the mistake of choosing a copywriter that does not know how to speak or write fluently in the language. Although they charge lower fees, saving you extra bucks, your website will have the essence of absurdity. It is wiser to spend a few more bucks and get the contents with top quality than to save more money and not be satisfied with the appropriate content.

You can check out online sites that have freelance copywriters are bidding on projects. Such websites like Elance have a lot of freelance copywriters that offers proposal on projects and as a client, you will have the privilege to choose the best writers that meets your content needs and has the proper background and experience in your field. Most of these freelance sites can have the feature of reading the sample of the copywriter’s previous projects to discern if that copywriter is the best content provider you need.

Figure out what type of credentials, background, and experience the potential copywriter may have and be sure to discuss the relevance to make sure that they are able to convey the written materials as recent as possible.

You should also do the copywriter a favour. Fully disclose the project details and make sure that he has a very clear grasp of what you like for the contents. Talk to them via phone or e-mail, and give them some background with the scope of your website. This also includes payment options and final settlement of agreed price and charges.

If you want to pick a freelance copywriter that has the right background and qualifications to write the website materials that you are looking for, make sure that you see if they have their own website with their portfolio in a specific range of their previous work. Most freelance copywriters that have a lot of background and experience and have been in the freelance business for some time will have a website that features their collection.