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Photoshop Masterclass Toolkit Bonus

If like me you use designers or outsourcers for your graphics then you will be familiar with the large fees it costs to pay these guys over the year. Whist mostly they do a good job, sometimes we need graphics urgently or we miss opportunities & sometimes designers fail to understand what we want from the outset so we usually wait for alterations or use the ‘low quality’ work instead. It is no secret, poor graphics hurt conversions

I’m not suggesting that we sack our designers & go to college to become graphic experts, most of us have enough on our plate already. Ideally we just need to be able to whip up a great looking graphic now and again & edit ready made stuff if required.

To address this problem my colleague matt garrett has launched Photoshop Masterclass for Marketers. This is a set 21 short market specific video lessons created by a pro that will walk you through the essential skills + give you the right tools to get you going.

Matt is an expert teacher with a string of top selling coaching products and also a friend so I know the ethics & quality of the stuff he sells. If someone told me a few years ago they could teach me 3 years worth of design knowledge in 3 hours I would bite their arm off.