Increase Your ezine Subscribers

5 Quick Ways To Increase Your ezine Subscribers.

1. Give Incentives
Give people an incentive to subscribe to your ezine. Offer
them a freebie if they subscribe. It could be a free e-book,
free report, free advertising, etc. Make sure the freebie will
attract your target audience.

2. Joint Venture
Joint venture with a similar ezine. Combine your subscriber
bases together and publish one ezine. Edit and publish
each issue together. You both will be promoting the e-zine
which means more subscribers.

3. Allow Archiving
Allow your subscribers to archive back issues of your
e-zine on their web site. They may need content for their
web site. If people visit their web site and like your e-zine,
they will subscribe.

4. Form An E-zine Ring
Form an ezine ring. Team up with 4 to 10 similar e-zines.
All the publishers would agree to list each others e-zine
name and subscribing information in every issue. You could
call this section “Other Free ezines You Might Enjoy”

5. Ask Subscribers
Ask subscribers to forward your e-zine to close friends,
family, or associates. If they enjoy your ezine, they will
subscribe. It’s almost like your subscribers are endorsing
your ezine.


Also why not try the following ideas.

1. Utilize Your Knowledge

Do you have extensive knowledge in a particular subject?
Offer people free consulting or advice on that subject via
e-mail if in exchange they either link to your web site, run
your promotional ad in their e-zine or place your banner
ad on their web site for a set period of time.

2. Become A Publisher

Publish e-zines for other people for free. In return for your
work in designing, updating and gathering content you
request that your promotional ad be placed at the top of
each issue. Their duties will be to promote and send out
each issue to their subscribers.

3. Persuade Them To Sign

A great way to get e-mail addresses and testimonials for
your online business is to ask people to sign your guest
book. The problem is a lot of people won’t take the extra
time to sign your guest book. An effective way to persuade
them to sign your guest book is to give them something
free in return.

4. Create An E-mag

Publish your e-zine in ebook format. You could offer more
articles per issue. You could add graphics with the articles
just like in print magazines. Your advertising revenue would
increase because you could charge businesses for full page
color ads.

5. Tell Them What’s Next

Get your visitors excited about revisiting your web site.
Tell them about upcoming articles, prize drawings, free
stuff, etc. If they know what’s in store for them, they will
revisit. Tell then to sign up for an e-mail reminder or tell
them to bookmark your web site.

6. Share Your Information

Create a web book that’s related to your web site topic.
Give people the option of linking to the web book so they
give it away to their visitors. Put your ad on top of the
title page to get free advertising. This strategy will easily
multiply your advertising exposure.

How To Generate Traffic Using Ad Swaps

How To Generate Traffic Using Ad Swaps

We all know how important it is to build an e-mail
subscriber list as part of your online strategy, but
it can be difficult to get enough traffic to your
squeeze page.

You can use a lot of different traffic generation
methods in order to send traffic to your squeeze
page and build your subscriber list including pay
per click advertising, search engine optimization,
and article marketing.

There is one powerful method, however, that many
marketers overlook, and that method is known as
ad swaps.

This concept is pretty simple because all you
have to do is contact another marketer in your
niche who also has an e-mail list and you agree
to perform a simple swap so that both of you can
receive additional subscribers.

You would send an e-mail to your list promoting
the other marketer’s opt in list, and he or she
would do the same for you.

This is generally a simple and effective way to
add subscribers to your list, but you need to keep
some precautions in mind.

If at all possible, you should verify that the
other marketer has the number of subscribers claimed.

Otherwise, you could be wasting your time even
though no real damage will have been done.

For best results, you should contact marketers who
have roughly the same number of subscribers as you
do in order to make the whole process worthwhile for
both of you.

If you have 500 subscribers, for example, and the
other marketer has 1000 subscribers, you might still
be able to work out an arrangement if you are willing
to send two e-mails to your list in order to make up
for the difference.

If you don’t currently have any subscribers but still
want to participate in the swaps, you need to build a
list of at least a few hundred subscribers as quickly
as possible in order to be taken seriously.

The fastest way to achieve this would be to use some
paid advertising such as pay per click campaigns so
you can begin participating in ad swaps as soon as