Word Processors


Online word processors are a great alternative to the traditional word processor that you have to buy, install on your computer, and wait while it loads up and opens your document. The online word processors below are free, easy to use, and quick to get started with.

I have found 6 excellent free online word processors and compiled them into the list below. These are the best online word processors out there and no matter what feature you’re looking for, you’re going to find an online word processor that works the best for you out of the options below.

1. Google Docs

If you are looking for a free online word processor the most similar to a traditional word processor such as Microsoft Word then you’re going to want to check out the popular Google Docs.

Google Docs allows you to create, edit, and collaborate on documents quickly and easily knowing that you’ll be able to access them anywhere you want, anytime you want. There’s a bunch of editing options available and you won’t miss Microsoft Office one bit with Google Docs.


2. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is an online word processor that’s incredibly easy to use but at the same time has all the bells and whistles of a traditional word processor. You’ll be able to create and edit documents with this free online word processor with ease.

A unique feature of this online word processor is the ability to chat within Zoho Writer as you collaborate on a document.


3. Think Free

ThinkFree is a free online word processor that gives you 1 GB of space to save your online documents so you can access them at a later time, from any computer.

This online word processor has a few great features including ThinkFree Mobile that allows you to access your documents from your phone and Uni-Paper that lets you view your documents through a web browser eliminating the need for any installed word processor.


4. iNetWord

When you launch the free online word processor iNetWord, you’ll be up and ready to go in a matter of seconds. The speed and simplicity of this free online world processor is what really sets it apart from the others.

With iNetWord you can create and edit documents as well as save them online so you can access them easily later. What this online word processor is missing is that there’s no way to easily share or collaborate on documents.


5. Shutterborg

Shutterborg is another simple free online word processor that loads up quick and makes it easy to immediately start a new document or open up an existing one.

You’ll love the editing options in this free online word processor. They have all the basics organized in a great toolbar that sits at the top of the work area. The only downside of Shutterborg is that there’s no easy way to share and collaborate on documents.


6. GreenDOC

At first glance, GreenDOC might look like your standard online word processor but it really is much more than that. With GreenDOC it’s easy to instantly publish your documents so you can share them with the world or just a few close friends.

GreenDOC has quite a few editing options and is a very easy online word processor to work with. It takes just seconds to get started and you don’t need to register unless you want to access the file later.

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