Using Press Releases For MoreTraffic

Press releases are an excellent way of getting more traffic for your website.

It is very easy to write your own press release and even easier to distribute it. Once published it has the direct result of increasing your website traffic, brand name and also improving your search engine page rank.

A press release is a very short and to the point document that contains something worth reporting in the news. The information in a press release must be concise and stick to the five W’s of who, what, when, where, and why related to the event being reported. If any part of the information is not interesting then it should be left out. Remember, people read the news for information and updates and not to get bored.

The Benefits of a Press Release

There are many ways in which a press release would benefit you or your business, here are just a few of them:

  • Publishing your press release on a news wire service on the Internet would generate massive amounts of back links to your site, these back links would normally be from highly ranked sites, giving you better quality links.
  • Increasing your brand name is very important, press releases will strengthen your brand name, giving your website or company a more memorable, more respected and more trusted image. The more people see your website or company, the more you are perceived as an expert or trusted source in your field.
  • Your page rank is another very important factor when it comes to gaining traffic, the more links that you gain to your website, the higher your page rank becomes in the search engines. As your page rank is increased, your website is then seen by more people, giving you more traffic.

Writing Your Press Release

Once you have decided that you would like to go ahead with a press release, you then need to write your press release article, make sure that you keep it news orientated, rather than advertising as it will be targeted on news readers.

When writing the press release you must pay close attention to the format you follow. Journalists have their own format for doing things and these formats have developed over the years to make their busy jobs a bit easier. Follow their lead and use their techniques, you do not have to become a journalist but just pick up on some of their newsletter writing techniques.

Following an established format also means that once you have written your first few press releases the whole process will become a breeze.

Here are a few tips that you should follow when writing your press release:

  • Have a headline that makes it completely clear what the press release is all about. Do not go in for general descriptions. Be as precise as possible, like, “Dave Nicholson launches new product”.
  • Include a subheading. The title attracts the reader and the subheading tells a bit more and prompts the viewer to read the whole press release. For example, “New product to make affiliate management easier through complete automation”.
  • Keep your press release specific, do not try to write about multiple things in one press release, focus on one topic at a time so you do not confuse. Explain the problem that your product fixes and how it does it, keeping it simple.
  • Write your press release using simple, yet impressive language.
  • Be sure to include your website URL in the press release so you can gain that additional traffic.
  • Try to write your article without making it sound too promotional, remember, this is a news article, look at some other press releases before you start so you get the feel.
  • Keep your press release as unique and interesting as possible, publishers must protect their credibility so they will not publish something if it is the same as many others.

Submitting Your Press Release

There are many media distribution websites out there that you can use to distribute your press release, simply do a search on Google for ‘online press release’ and see for yourself, there are free distribution services like PRLog, however, I would highly recommend you use a paid service, probably the biggest and best press release site is PRWeb, you will find simple step by step instructions on submitting your press release on there.

Always remember to use the latest information only and nothing old. Old news is never received well even on the Internet so stick to everything new. Do not write anything that you cannot substantiate or prove.

Always proof read your press release and carry out a spelling and grammar check before submitting it.

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