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Essential Marketing Toolkit: Video Vault Tutorials


Hi & Welcome to Essential Marketing Toolkit Video Vault Tutorials

The video tutorials here are geared to help you get the most of all the best of the software/resources we recommend. The videos cover our pick of the best resources & how to best use these in your business. The videos here are hosted on a high speed content delivery network to ensure delivery at the busiest times

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Video Tutorials

Video #1: SEO Research and Discovery

Time: 9m 30s

This video goes through resources to use to spy on your competitors & how to check your own site quality so you can make improvements for better search engine ranking..


Video #2: Simple Web Design and Blogging Tools

Time: 5m 12s

Pixus, Pixie & Fontpicker are the three resources we picked for the intro video – we have also put these in the members area for you.




Video #3: File and FTP Security

Time: 9m 00s

This video covers is our favourite security app and the extra things you need to do to start protecting your files and log-ins


Video #4: Tweaking Sites with Browser Plugins

Time: 9m 06s

This video shows you how simple it is to find the element you want to change and which files you need to edit to change the way your site looks


Video #5: Universal Media Player

Time: 3m 27s

This is a quick introduction to using a universal media player that will play the most popular media formats


Video #6: Creating and Deploying ISO’s

Time: 10m 53s

This is a step by step tutorial on why you should make ISO’s & how to quickly install programs from ISO files without needing to burn disks.


Video #7: Remote Working and Screen Sharing

Time: 8m 05s

This is a walk through on one of the most popular screen sharing utilities which will help you communicate better with remote workers and outsourcers


Video #8: Forms, Surveys and Payments

Time: 5m 58s

This is an general intro to using a great online resource for creating forms, payments and surveys


Video #9: Advanced Domain Name Research

Time: 7m 23s

Here’s how to do a more thorough domain search that will show up a lot more info than a conventional registrar would otherwise show you.


Video #10: Secure & Anonymous Web Browsing

Time: 4m 51s

Want to Use Real HTML & separate CSS in WordPress – Impossible Allegedly? – Not Impossible Any More!


Video #11: Creating PDF Documents Fast

Time: 5m 34s

This video covers the best utils to create PDF’s & secure them for Free. You’ll be surprised how handy open source software really is.


Video #12: Batch Resize Files In Seconds

Time: 4m 35s

This a quick walkthrough on our recommended batch file resizing utility to which will show you how easy it is to resize a whole load of graphics on the fly.


Video #13: Faster HTML & CSS Editing

Time: 13m 56s

Video #14: Secure File & Folders Sharing

Time: 6m 04s

Whilst you might be aware of cloud storage, you may not be aware how to set up secure file sharing – this video walks you through this step by step.


Video #15: Competition Research SEO

Time: 9m 38s

This video covers the browser plugin that gives you some great intelligence about the competition for your chosen keyword & how easy/difficult it’ll be to rank based on their strengths or weaknesses


Video #16: Routine PC Cleanup (PC)

Time: 7m 23s

PC users need to routinely clean up their systems for better performance & prevent stuff from not working – This is a basic guide to routine system cleanup


Video #17: Routine Malware Check (PC)

Time: 6m 42s

This video covers the utility you should use to routinely check/clean unwanted Adware that usually comes as an extra gift with other stuff you download.


Video #18: Browser Cleanup (PC)

Time: 6m 06s

Trying to do any on-line work when your browser is full of needless add-ons will slow you down & can become a nuisance. This is the cleanup process for the top browsers.

Video #19: RSS Feed Notification (PC)

Time: 8m 01s

This is a way to stop you from missing any new posts on your favourite blogs / news networks – a useful tool to show that you are paying attention to your JV’s, & keeping aware of news from your useful Resource sites.


Video #20: Renaming Multiple Files

5m 04s

Rename multiple files of any type in batches

This is just the tip of the ice berg of what is inside the Essential Marketing Toolkit grab your copy RIGHT NOW

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