What Sells On The Warrior Forum

Basically the Warrior Forum is there for Internet Marketers to find out what is working in the online market place right now. You can offer anything as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) such as electronically delivered products and services or physical products.

The Warrior Forum audience is more male orientated than female and between the ages of 35 and 55 years old. Many who visit the site are at the lower end of the income ladder.

So what sells? Anything that has to do with internet marketing, anything that teaches or shows how to make money online. Good sellers are things like ways to get more traffic to a web site or how to rank better in the search engines. The products that do best must have mass appeal, if it is only for a minority audience it wont be as good on the Warrior Forum.

People go to the Warrior Forum to learn how to make money online and about marketing on the internet, you can albeit a little tricky sell offline money making ideas too. If you fancy building a product that teaches something to the Warrior crowd you must deliver an excellent one that is of massive value to the purchaser. If you do this part right you will build a brand and make some serious money at the same time.

Software sells really well as a WSO, any piece of software that makes an internet marketers life easier will be a big hit. For example, tools that find keywords or products that make tedious tasks less tiresome like article submitters.

Plug-ins for WordPress are used by marketers and are very popular these days when building websites. Plug-ins that enhance the search engine visibility, create back links or a plug-in that helps build review pages tend to sell like hot cakes as WSO’s.

There is a way to discover the best selling WSO’s it is at Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is a service that supports the Warrior Forum, it is run by Mike Lantz, who discovered something was missing and came up with this great concept to go hand in hand with the Forum itself. You do have to register to use the service but that’s no problem.

You can easily see which WSO is selling well and which ones are converting like crazy. You can check the commission amounts for affiliates and even see the date when the product was launched and by whom. When you find a WSO topic that looks hot, always check who published it and whether it was already a WSO of the day. Some sell very quickly indeed, 100’s an hour but of course that depends who is on board as a JV (Joint Venture) partner.

The more you launch the more you will be known and recognised as an authority figure within the Warrior Forum itself.

Forum Signature Hints

The key to successful forum marketing is in your forum signature. Without a signature, how will you drive traffic to your site? Regardless of the value you offer in your comments and responses, you will be unable to monetise that goodwill.

A good forum signature will help members know who you are and what you do. If written well, it will also motivate them to contact you. And this is the whole reason for forum marketing in the first place, isn’t it?

What You’ll Want to AVOID in Your Forum Marketing Signature

It’s important to avoid every one of these five things in your signature. Learn more about Common Forum Marketing Mistakes.

  1. Too Many Links: Filling your signature line with multiple and irrelevant links will confuse your fellow members and maybe get you banned from the forum. Both results don’t help you reach your goal of building your business.
  2. Forgetting It’s Business: Don’t mix up your personal and professional forum profiles. While saying: Visit my blog at www.myblog.com is fine for a personal blog, links to your business blog need to be more professional. See more below.
  3. Don’t be Cryptic or Deceptive: If you sell multi-level marketing products, say that. If you sell Word Press plugins to monetize travel blogs, say that. If you are not clear about who you are, then you are not going to be able to build trust.
  4. Avoid Flashing Graphics and Emoticons: They are perfect for best friends and grand-kids, but they don’t build trust of any sort in the business world. Don’t ever use these in your forum signature.
  5. Being Too Casual: Even though you might be working at home in your fleece jammies and bunny slippers, your prospects want to think of you in a more professional way. Be sure that any language or images used convey professionalism, at all times.

Remember that the goal is to build trust and add value. Be as transparent as possible, and this will help people trust that you are who you say you are.

What You’ll Want to INCLUDE in Your Forum Marketing Signature

  1. Your Name: Should be pretty standard, but could be forgotten. You should use your full professional name, without nicknames, unless the nickname is part of your brand.
  2. Description of Your Site: A simple but concise sentence (or two) will help fellow forum members know what you do and who you are.
  3. Url of Your Web Site: In terms of search engine juice, its best to link from the description of your site to your site itself. For example, link the main key word in your profile to your site. It is more compelling than a link from “My Blog”.
  4. Other Contact Information: You may want to include your email address, and select social network links. Direct links are okay for most sites, but you’ll want to avoid publishing your email address directly. Email harvesting bots can collect your address and begin spam you. You could publish your email address as yourname (at) yourdomain (dot) com. Harvesting programs don’t recognize this as an email address, but your readers do and can use that to contact you directly.
  5. A Professional Photo: Not to formal, but not to casual. Somewhere between the business suit and the flower print shorts will be fine. Even if you are participating in a laid back forum, don’t be to casual or readers won’t trust you enough.

imagesWith a great forum signature you’ll be well on your way to successful forum marketing.