What Is The Competition Doing?

Spying : 3D Little Human Character holding a pair of BinocularsDo you ever ask yourself the question; “what is the competition doing”? Really you should.

Well, there are quite a few things you can find out about other people and the way they market using some simple to use tools.

For example, what keywords are they ranking for? Even who their JV (Joint Venture) partners are and where all their paid for advertising is being displayed.

In this day and age of information technology, being able to spy on any business or person for that matter online, is quite straight forward if you know where to look.


Here a few places to get you started.

1. SEM RUSH. This tool will show you the keywords your competition is ranking for within the search engines. Also which ones they are bidding on and the price they are paying for them. Easily check out their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. Great for finding new traffic sources.

2. WAYBACK. Nifty little free tool which can reveal years of split testing results from your competition. Cool tool for checking what their websites looked like in the past too.

3. MOAT. Great little search engine helps you find out the types of banner ads your competition are using. If you are familiar with, App Sumo, Netflix, Groupon, and Apple then use this to see what banner ads are being run there. Great for the internet marketer as will also show you where the banner was last seen.

4. SOCIAL AD NINJA. Ever wondered what ads, images and landing pages are performing best on Facebook? This is a must have tool for anyone marketing on Facebook because these questions will be answered, keeping you ahead of your competition.

5.  SOCIAL MENTION. Has a lot in common with Google Alerts, but geared towards social media. Easily monitor not just your own social antics but those of your marketing rivals. Get daily updates on anything you specify. Great way to also build relationships with other marketers and affiliates.

6. DOMAIN TOOLS. Use this tool to find out who owns a particular website and contact them as a possible JV partner.

7. WHO IS HOSTING THIS. As the name suggests, discover who hosts a certain site online.

8. WHAT WORDPRESS THEME IS THAT. Take a look at what WordPress theme other marketers are using, here you can also find out the plugins being utilised as well.

9. BUILT WITH. Ever wondered what kind of technology the competition is using? Go here to take a look at things like, server information, analytical tools, content delivery networks, hosting providers, advertising partners and loads more.

10. COPERNIC TRACKER. Discover when a sales page, squeeze page or even a landing page is changed by a competitor. The advantage being that you will know when they are testing a new offer, headline or design.

11. FIRESHOT. Cool Firefox add-on tool for taking a screen shot of any web page you choose.

12. WHO IS MAILING WHAT? Fantastic tool for gaining information about exactly what is being mailed by other marketers. Excellant site for the offline marketer as well as the online one. The archive library is massive and full of direct mail resources and ideas.

13. FLIPPA. If you want to buy or sell a website then take a look at the Flippa site. Gain genuine information from those trying to sell like how they are driving traffic to the site, what keywords are working, adsense revenue and Google analytics plus loads more quality advice.

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